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Journalists in Palestine face huge risks

Though Israel (2nd quartile) is in the regional top five for its expression score, those at its borders – in Palestine (3rd quartile) suffer serious violations at the hands of the Israeli state – as well as by Palestine’s own leadership.

A wave of protests in Palestine began in March 2018. The ‘Palestine Great Return March’ called for Israeli authorities to lift their 11-year illegal blockade on Gaza and allow Palestinian refugees to return to their villages and towns.[1] Israeli forces opened fire on the protesters in a use of live ammunition that killed over 150 Palestinians and injured at least 10,000 others, including 1,849 children and 115 paramedics. Of those injured, 5,814 were hit by live ammunition.[2]

Among the dead and injured were a number of journalists covering the protest. An estimated 16 were hit by live rounds shot by the Israeli Defence Forces. Two – Yaser Murtaja and Ahmed Abu-Hussein – died from their injuries, despite wearing press vests.[3] In total, more than 20 Palestinian journalists were injured in 2018.[4]

The CSO Reporters without Borders requested the International Criminal Court to open an investigation into war crimes against the Israel Defence Forces for shooting journalists during the protests, given that the forces were aware of the presence of members of the press.[5] A number of CSOs also called on the UN Human Rights Council ‘to urgently launch a “Commission of Inquiry” to investigate violence against protesters in Palestine’.[6]

Another four journalists were injured by gunfire and shrapnel – including ´butterfly bullets´, which explode on impact – when covering protests in July and August. As before, many of these journalists were clearly identifiable, as they wore press vests.[7] In July, at least seven Palestinian journalists in the West Bank were arrested and detained for journalistic work.[8]

Facebook was found to be routinely labelling Palestinian content as ‘hate speech’ in 2018, reportedly after pressure from the Israeli government.[9]

Within Palestine itself, both the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and Hamas in Gaza continue to carry out arbitrary arrests for peaceful dissent – from journalism and social media to public demonstration. As the feud between the two authorities has deepened, the security services of each has targeted the supporters of the other. Relying primarily on broad offences, including causing ‘sectarian strife’ or insulting ‘higher authorities’, both authorities detain in order to silence and punish those who speak out or engage in activism.[10]


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