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Conflict devastates the space for expression

Journalists, lawyers, and human rights defenders (HRDs) were killed across the region in 2018, including in Libya, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen.[1]

In September, the Saudi-led coalition led an airstrike against Yemen that hit Al-Maraweah Radio Broadcasting Centre, killing three.[2] Reuters reported that the Centre was an intentional target.[3]

Both sides of Yemen’s conflict perpetrated attacks on journalists in 2018, leaving no safe space for reporters or respect for journalistic neutrality.[4]

Increasing political conflict and violence have undermined the freedoms opening up in Libya since 2011. Journalists are routinely targeted and neutrality disregarded. At least 18 journalists have been killed since the revolution, around 70 have left the country, and 8 media outlets have moved their operations to nearby countries.[5]

Meanwhile, in Syria, an estimated 55 journalists have died since the revolution – in only seven years.[6] Militia groups vying for power, as well as Syria’s military intelligence agencies, regularly harass media workers.[7] Turkish snipers injured two reporters in northern Syria in November.[8]



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