ARTICLE 19 launches the “My Pledge” initiative for free and constructive debate on the 2014 Tunisia election

ARTICLE 19 launches the “My Pledge” initiative for free and constructive debate on the 2014 Tunisia election - Civic Space

Tunisian flag / Creative Commons

ARTICLE 19 is launching the “My Pledge” initiative to encourage every candidate standing for election in the Tunisian Parliamentary elections (26 October 2014), to acknowledge the critical role that they play in the promotion of freedom of expression and constructive debate.

‘My Pledge’ for the Tunisia 2014 election is a six-part commitment aimed at the candidates standing for election. We call upon them to sign it in order to stay alert to all forms of discrimination on grounds of gender, religion and belief, race, national or ethnic origin, or any other identity references that they may use in their speeches or actions throughout the election campaign,” said Saloua Ghazouani, Project Manager for ARTICLE 19 in Tunisia.

Throughout the electoral period (3-24 October 2014), ARTICLE 19 will be running a media and social media campaign about this initiative. The aim is to encourage the candidates standing for election to sign “My Pledge” and to ensure that they apply it to their speeches and actions throughout the electoral campaign. The candidates must ensure that their speeches do not have a negative impact, particularly on marginalised groups and individuals.

“Civil society and the media are called upon to take part in this campaign in order to mobilise the candidates and encourage them to sign ‘My Pledge’. And, after the elections, all Tunisians are called upon to ensure that the commitment made by the candidates during the electoral campaign is upheld by those elected to the new parliament,” added Saloua Ghazouani.

It is worth recalling that ARTICLE 19 makes worldwide efforts to defend freedom of expression for all, and to prohibit incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence, particularly against marginalised groups. The aim is to foster open debate, which is essential for combating negative stereotypes of individuals and groups and for highlighting the damage caused by prejudice.

For more information about ARTICLE 19’s efforts in this area, please see:

– Camden Principles on Freedom of Expression and Equality