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Working in the field of human rights is a challenging but rewarding career choice. With ARTICLE 19 you will find an international community of activists, legal specialists, and subject experts working together to protect the basic freedoms of many communities throughout the world.

You can find out more about where we work and what we do, by following the links above. In addition to a sector-competitive salary, we promote a flexible culture befitting a digitally enabled, multi-cultural workforce located in over ten cities around the world. We work hard, placing emphasis on delivery and accountability, while balancing all of this with a range of policies geared to health and well-being, including generous leave allowances and remote-working arrangements.

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ARTICLE 19’s Team Digital is looking for public interest advocates to join the 2024-2025 Internet of
Rights (IoR) Fellowship. This is a 12-month fellowship, beginning in April 2024.

Since 2014, ARTICLE 19 (A19) has been a pioneer in introducing and strengthening human rights
considerations in the design, development, and deployment of Internet infrastructure technologies by
participating in global Internet governance bodies where technical standards and policy development
happens. In doing so, A19 has carved out pathways for civil society engagement in these bodies;
however, there remains the need for greater, more diverse, and more sustainable civil society

In its eighth year, the IoR Fellowship will equip and support a diverse community of
advocates working on behalf of civil society with the tools they need to carry out long-term engagement to set the technical policies and standards that define the global Internet.

The Fellowship runs for 12 months, beginning on April 1, 2024. During this year, each fellow will work
closely with their mentor—a designated member of A19’s Team Digital. All fellows follow one of three
tracks: Censorship, Connectivity, or Datafication.

To apply, please submit the materials detailed in the ToR as a single .zip file to [email protected] by Friday, March 15.

Successful applicants will be invited to interview with A19 staff at the end March 2024.

We will be prioritising applicants based in the Global South. Women, and other individuals that identify as part of underrepresented groups in Internet governance are especially encouraged to apply.


About the Project: Since October 2019, ARTICLE 19 has worked with local partners in Turkey to implement a project with the overall objective “[to] ensure that the public has increased access to information of public interest from a wide selection of sources.” The project is set to end on March 30th 2024. Project activities focused on the following areas:

  • Legal advocacy to support online freedom of expression cases
  • Submitting legal interventions to domestic and international courts
  • Monitoring and documenting violations of online freedom of expression in Turkey
  • International advocacy

Project Outcomes: The project seeks to achieve its overall objective with three specific outcomes which focus on civil society, international mechanisms, and Turkish authorities.

Application requirements:

  • CV and covering letter introducing the evaluator and how they meet the skills and competencies described above, with concrete examples
  • A two page outline of the proposed evaluation process, proposed timeline and methodology
  • A detailed budget
  • One recent example of a previous evaluation
  • Two referees we can contact to verify experience

Application deadline: Sunday, 14 January 2024. Applications to be submitted to: [email protected]

ARTICLE 19 Eastern Africa is the leading non-governmental organization promoting and protecting freedom of expression and access to information in Eastern Africa, both offline and online. The organization envisions a region where all people can speak freely, actively participate in public life, and enjoy media freedom without fear, censorship, or persecution.

ARTICLE 19 Eastern Africa with the support of The Fund for Global Human Rights, convened a panel of researchers from HAKI Africa, The Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANET), and The Centre for Human Rights and Policy Studies (CHRIPS) to undertake research interrogating the impact of counter-terrorism (CT) and the prevention of violent extremism (PVE) and similar national security measures on civic space in Kenya with a view to informing interventions that enhance greater accountability for violations and ensure an open civic space free from unjustified restrictions under the guise of security.

We desire to reach out to the general public to disseminate the findings of the research and raise awareness on the subject matter. ARTICLE 19 Eastern Africa, therefore, welcomes proposals from Consultants (creative individuals, organizations, firms, collectives, and coalitions)to repackage the findings from the research mentioned above into a popular version that is easily consumable by a wide array of audiences through creative communication (caricature and/or infographics and/or, comics, and/or illustrations) among other artistic expressions as agreed upon between ARTICLE 19 and the successful applicant.

To apply, please submit the materials detailed in the ToR attached as a single .zip file to [email protected] and copy [email protected] and [email protected] by Thursday February 29.

Project Scope:
ARTICLE 19 is a partner of the EU funded project Combatting Disinformation in the Western
Balkans (CDWB). The purpose of this project is to help tackle disinformation across 4 countries
in the Western Balkans (Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Project outcomes:
Based on the collective analyses conducted by the project partners, ARTICLE 19 will work
within its sphere of influence to support media professionals to run a campaign that aims to:

A) Ensure that media houses and journalists adhere to journalistic ethics and standards to
tackle disinformation, by adopting country-specific code of conduct.

B) Co-design and develop a pilot digital application in Serbia that uses AI to support media
professionals to fact-check online content.1

C) Support the rollout, adoption, and use of the application by media professionals in Serbia
through a national campaign.

D) Build knowledge with a selection of the public about the importance of ethical journalism
through the endorsement of code of conduct and AI application (this latter will be developed
in Serbia only).

The Agency shall submit Campaign and Financial proposals for this assignment to Barbara Dockalova, Senior Campaigner: [email protected] 

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Nairobi, Kenya


The Programme Officer – Civic Space will be responsible for ensuring that Article19 plays a crucial role in promoting an enabling legal, policy and actual environment for people’s participation in shaping their societies in the Eastern African Region.

You will be responsible for the development of policy documents on freedom of expression and freedom of information related issues, the analysis of laws related to freedom of expression, and freedom of information, freedom of assembly, freedom of association, right to privacy, public participation and laws regulating and affecting civil society engagement vis a vis their conformity with the international and regional standards.

You will oversee research and monitoring of new developments and trends relevant to the above rights; lead national, regional and international advocacy; support national, regional and international litigation on these issues, represent the organization at conferences and meetings.

and oversee the development and delivery of trainings on freedom of expression and freedom of information and other incidental rights standards to local and regional stakeholders.

The post-holder must be based in, and have the right to work in Nairobi, Kenya. 

To apply, please send a copy of your CV and a covering letter outlining how your knowledge, skills, and experience match the job specification to the following email address: [email protected]

Closing date:  Wednesday, 21st February 2024 

Interview date: to be confirmed

Dakar (Article 19 Regional Office, Senegal)

Summary of the role

As the Senior Programme Officer on Digital and Freedom of Expression, you will lead ARTICLE 19’s establishment and growth of programmatic work on Digital and Freedom of Expression rights in the West African region, under the supervision of the Regional Director, and in alignment with the Global Team Digital at the International Office, and other teams at the Dakar Office.

You will be responsible for context analysis, scoping of Digital and technology issues, internet governance and Artificial Intelligence (AI) development trends and their interference to FoE, human rights and information ecosystem, as well as actors mapping across Senegal and the West Africa region.

Based on scoping evidence, you will be responsible of developing a Digital and FoE rights strategy for the region; and lead in bringing resources to the organisation through fundraising. You will be responsible for the day-to-day management and implementation of those projects and additional initiatives of ARTICLE 19 work in the sector. You will drive efforts to build the external reputation of ARTICLE 19 West Africa as leader and to go to organisation in the sector of Digital and FoE. Using advocacy delivery, networking, research-legal analysis evidences and public debates, you will position ARTICLE 19 West Africa at the centre of interest of stakeholders and citizens as strategic partner and credible source of knowledge for policy analysis and formulation, capacity building, practices and innovation promotion  to influence government, private sectors and other partners to support the Digital and FoE work and to put Human Rights and Freedom of Expression at the heart of the policy and decision-making, programme frameworks, and other development of Digital, technology, Internet governance and AI deployment in the region.

About you:   You are a talented, passionate expert on Digital rights and Freedom of expression with a confirmed relevant track records; you would like to lead on developing and commanding the implementation of a relevant strategy for our ARTICLE 19 Senegal and West Africa, engaging with multiple stakeholders to mobilize resources and build alliances to deliver, and put human rights, freedom of expression and right to information at the centre of internet governance, technology and digital spaces across West Africa; you are proficient in French with good command in English or vice-versa to deliver your passion, you are in Senegal or abroad but commit to join us in Dakar and work under local conditions.  This opportunity is for you!

To apply, please click the link below to view the job description and apply to the role. Please include a cover letter and CV [in one file, 5 pages max] demonstrating how you are going to undertake the mission and what makes you a unique candidate.

Feel free to optionally add copy of relevant degrees / certificates, professional evidences, recommendation letter from any relevant institution with reputation in promoting or researching on Digital rights, Internet Governance, Freedom of expression; and a e-link or a simple of any work you have already produced or contributed to in that sector [all scanned in one file].

Closing Deadline:  Wednesday, 28th February 2024

We would like the successful candidate to start in early March 2024.

We will be assessing applications on a rolling basis and contact candidates for written assignment and/or interview.

Feel free to contact us by email if question. No phone calls accepted please.