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Working in the field of human rights is a challenging but rewarding career choice. With ARTICLE 19 you will find an international community of activists, legal specialists, and subject experts working together to protect the basic freedoms of many communities throughout the world.

You can find out more about where we work and what we do, by following the links above. In addition to a sector-competitive salary, we promote a flexible culture befitting a digitally enabled, multi-cultural workforce located in over ten cities around the world. We work hard, placing emphasis on delivery and accountability, while balancing all of this with a range of policies geared to health and well-being, including generous leave allowances and remote-working arrangements.

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Scope of the work:

Terms of Reference for Consultancy for the Global study on a feminist approach to the safety of journalists and social communicators

Please send the documentation required to Silvia Chocarro, Head of Protection, at [email protected], by
May 15, 2021


ARTICLE 19 is looking for a Consultant who will advise on suitable project management systems to meet the needs of the organisation. They will also support the acquisition, testing and roll-out of the selected system. The proposed timescale for the project is 12 months starting in May 2021.

Scope of the work:

ARTICLE 19 is looking for a consultant who will assess the project management systems in order to match them to the organisations needs. The consultant should recommend the most suitable product(s) for the organization to acquire, provide rationale behind their recommendation and support the organisation in the acquisition and roll-out process.  The proposed timescale for the project is 12 months starting in April 2021.

Specifically, we will ask the successful consultant to:

  • Learn about the present system: The consultant will be expected to familiarize themselves with the present system and to learn about the organisation’s experience while using the system. We will provide the consultant with the concept note, lessons learned and project timeline among other documents.
  • Oversee the organisation needs analysis exercise: The consultant will oversee and support a needs analysis exercise that the Projects Team will carry out. This should include a survey to identify project and portfolio management needs, internal reporting, targeted data collection and other related processes.
  • Support the development of the system specifications: Working closely with Projects Team, guide the discussion to identify and prioritise features the new system must have to meet ARTICLE 19 needs to create the new system’s specifications.
  • Identify and assess existing project management systems and match them to our needs: The consultant will identify and assess existing platforms and provide an analysis on how they match ARTICLE 19’s identified needs. The assessment should provide information and insights on its features, such as: robustness and fastness, ease of use, fitness of purpose, initial and running costs, time to set up type of contract or license ARTICLE 19 needs to acquire, together with other important features.
  • Write a report based on the findings and recommend a product: The report is to describe features and provide insights into the systems analysed including advantages and disadvantages; the rationale behind the ranking of the top 3 products, and the next steps for the roll out across the organization.
  • Guide the Projects Team during the first stages of the roll-out: Guide the Projects Team during the initial tests, pilot and roll out of the system across the organization. This should include planning and preparing for data migration, inductions and training for staff and temporary parallel running of both systems, if necessary and decommission and archiving of AIMS.
  • Debriefing and lessons learned: To hold a debriefing session to summarise the work done, lessons learned and further recommendations.

For further information, please click on the following TORs:

Terms of Reference – Project Management Systems Consultant

Interested applicants should send their expression of interest and proposed budget with CV to Teresa, Senior Compliance and Project Management Officer ([email protected]) by Wednesday 5rd May 2021. Early applications are encouraged and will be reviewed on a rolling basis as we reserve the right to move forward the applications deadline.


ARTICLE 19 is looking for research agency or a group of researchers that can conduct research in the following countries- Mexico, Tunisia, Brazil, Kenya, Thailand, Poland, Senegal, and USA. We are also accepting applications from consultants that have experience in one or several of the above countries.  The agency/researcher(s) will present their methodology to research how stigma and discrimination against protest and protesters plays a role in how authorities respond to them. They will need to follow ARTICLE19 research guidelines. The research should include in-depth interviews with people who experience discrimination around protests and documentation of eyewitness accounts.  The agency/researcher(s) will also need to collect 4 emblematic case studies per country using our case study guidelines. The agency/ researcher(s) will work closely with a Senior Campaigner to ensure that all case information is well documented for the campaign.

The agency/researcher(s) will ensure that the methodologies are applied in target countries, provide feedback and support to ARTICLE 19 regional offices when necessary, consolidate data and write a research report.  The objective of the report is to demonstrate patterns of discrimination and stigma of protesters in each country and to present cases of discrimination of certain groups of protesters in law and practice.  The report should include recommendations for governments in target countries.

Tasks and Responsibilities (adhering to national guidelines and laws relating to coronavirus):

  • Uses ARTICLE 19 guidelines and protocols for research.
  • Uses ARTICLE 19 policies and documents.
  • Present research methodology, including on key approaches and questions to be answered in research.
  • Works closely with ARTICLE19 Research Coordinator and regional teams as key informants. and collaborators, who will provide insight into the country, networks and key stakeholders.
  • Responsible for data analysis and drafting of research report.
  • Ensure all information is translated when necessary.
  • Collation of raw data.
  • Production of report based on the findings.
  • Production of emblematic case studies.


  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in conducting human rights research and investigations.
  • Good knowledge and understanding of freedom of expression and assembly rights.
  • Experience conducting interviews with survivors of human rights violations.
  • Demonstrable experience in statistic data evaluation.
  • Excellent oral and written communications in English.
  • Beneficial if the candidate has knowledge in Spanish, French, Portuguese or Arabic.
  • Excellent project management and budget skills.

For further information, please click on the following TORs:



Please submit your CV and your tender under the following headings to email address: [email protected]

  1. Contact Information
  2. Cover letter briefly explaining how you meet the above competencies
  3. Include examples 2 -3 research papers from previous work
  4. Research proposal: including methodology, CVs of research teams and detailed budget

Application deadline: 10th May 2021.

NOTE: ARTICLE 19 reserves the right to amend or change or cancel these terms at any time, if there are compelling reasons to do so.