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Protecting freedom of expression in content moderation on social media

Our proposal

In today’s world, dominant tech companies hold considerable power over what users can say, read and watch online. Social media companies’ content moderation practices have a huge impact on public debate, but they are often opaque and unaccountable. Increasingly, these content moderation practices are impacting users’ human rights, including the right to freedom of expression.

This is why we’re calling for the creation of the Social Media Council. A new transparent, inclusive, independent and accountable mechanism to address content moderation problems using international human rights laws as the basis.

We want to make sure that decisions on content moderation are compatible with the requirements of international human rights standards, and are shaped by a diverse range of expertise and perspectives.

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But what exactly should the role of a Social Media Council be, and how should it function?

Can it directly apply international human rights standards? Should the SMC have the power to review individual decisions or should it provide advice and human rights-based guidelines for content moderation?

Should the Social Media Council operate at national or global level? Should it deal with all content types or should it be specialised to issues like disinformation or hate speech?

We want to hear from you to help shape the creation of the Social Media Council.

Update: The consultation is now closed. Please watch this space for updates!

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