Iropoly: Can you win at the game of digital security?

Iropoly: Can you win at the game of digital security? - Digital

Today, ARTICLE 19 launches Iropoly, a brand-new video series which tackles head on the challenges that Iranian activists face in order to stay safe when communicating online.

These videos are needed now more than ever. “It’s estimated that there are at least 22 million Internet users in Iran, almost a third of the population. While Internet use increases, so does the Iranian government’s attempts to stifle expression online, particularly targeting activists and opposition voices,” explains David Diaz-Jogeix, ARTICLE 19’s Director of Programmes.

ARTICLE 19’s research and subsequent report, Computer Crimes in Iran: Risky Online Behaviour, identified common trends of behaviour that led to arrests of activists in the recent past, and led to the development of the Iropoly game and video series.

“The Iranian government is engaged in a game of cat and mouse with activists but there are steps that people can take to keep themselves safer online. The Iropoly video series, inspired by the world-recognised board game, Monopoly, guides viewers through the basic and practical steps they can take to protect their communications and improve their safety,” added Diaz-Jogeix.

Alongside the Iropoly videos, ARTICLE 19 continues to call on the Iranian authorities to fulfil its international obligations and allow people to freely share information and views online. “Protest, dissent, and creativity are vital forms of expression that are not only protected under international law but also contribute to the enjoyment of all other fundamental rights. If people feel able to communicate freely and challenge ideas on and off-line, it is of benefit to everyone in society,” concluded Diaz-Jogeix.