ARTICLE 19 UPR Pre-Session Statement on Kenya

ARTICLE 19 UPR Pre-Session Statement on Kenya - Civic Space


1. This statement is delivered by ARTICLE 19 which works to defend and promote the rights of free expression and access to information. We welcome the opportunity to participate in the UPR pre- session. ARTICLE 19 made an individual UPR submission as a civil society stakeholder in June 2014 canvassing Kenya’s compliance and progress on its international human rights obligations in respect of freedoms of expression, information and association since the last UPR of 6 May 2010.

Consultations for the drafting of the civil society coalition report

2. ARTICLE 19 is an active member of the Kenya Stakeholders Coalition on Universal Periodic Review (KSC-UPR). The KSC-UPR made a joint submission on Kenya in 15 June 2014. Six stakeholder consultations were held and information collated under broad thematic clusters. These meetings were convened by the Kenya National Human Rights and Equality Commission (KNCHR) who submitted the final report.

Statement Plan

3. This statement will address:

(a) ARTICLE 19’s core areas of work – freedoms of expression, information and association.

(b) Torture – As it was impossible for all members of the KSC-UPR coalition to attend the Pre-session, it was agreed that attending members would represent themes on behalf of non-attending organisations. This is a cooperative approach to ensure the scope of Kenya’s human rights landscape is well represented. As such, ARTICLE 19 will also cover the issue of torture on behalf of the KSC-UPR.

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