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Egypt: Charges against Al Jazeera journalists must be dropped

27 Jul 2015

Ahead of a high profile Egyptian court ruling, ARTICLE 19 calls for an end to the re-trial of Al Jazeera journalists Baher Mohamed, Mohamed Fahmy…

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Sri Lanka: Illegal blocking of public interest news site must be investigated

24 Jul 2015

ARTICLE 19, along with 8 other civil society groups, has signed an open letter calling for an investigation into recent blocking of online access…

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Turkey must ensure free and open debate, online and offline, in the wake of terrorist attack in Suruç

23 Jul 2015

Turkey blocked access to Twitter for several hours yesterday after the social media website initially failed to comply with a court order requiring…

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Senegal: Protection of journalistic sources is a pillar of media independence

22 Jul 2015

ARTICLE 19 West Africa, Amnesty International Senegal, the Senegalese Human Rights League (LSDH), the African Assembly for the Defence of Human…

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Ethiopia: Safety handbook for journalists covering elections

22 Jul 2015

In the run-up to the election in May of this year, ARTICLE 19 produced a handbook to aid journalists in the coverage of the nation's 5th ever…

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Bangladesh: Charter of Bloggers Rights launched

06 Jul 2015

ARTICLE 19 has launched a twelve-point Charter of Rights…


Iropoly: What are the online behaviours that are landing Iranian online activists in jail?

02 Jul 2015

What are the online behaviours that are landing Iranian…

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Myanmar: Punishment for speaking out is worse for women, new report says

30 Jun 2015

A new report published today finds that those women…

image Policy brief

Report: The Right to Online Anonymity

18 Jun 2015

ARTICLE 19 presents a new policy brief, originally…

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Iran Must Release Iranian-Canadian TV Producer Mostfa Azizi

15 Jun 2015

ARTICLE 19 continues to call for the immediate release…

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Kenya: Contempt of Court proceedings abused

12 Jun 2015

ARTICLE 19 East Africa is concerned by the recent arrest…

Country report

Freedom of Expression in Bangladesh 2014

30 Apr 2015

The Social Progress Index for the year 2014 termed…


Joint Statement: Harassment of CSOs has intensified in the Transnistrian region of Moldova

29 Apr 2015

Statement by members of the Civic Solidarity PlatformOn…

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Lebanon: ARTICLE 19 sends Amicus Brief to Special Tribunal for Lebanon

16 Apr 2015

ARTICLE 19 has submitted an amicus brief to the Special…

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