Working for a better world in 2024

ARTICLE 19 is driving a free expression movement, propelled by a vision of a world where everyone – everywhere – can realise the power of their voices.

That’s why, in 2024, we are raising the bar high.

This year, we will continue our mission to build strong communities where everyone has the right to speak and be heard. We will:

Monitor the biggest election year in history. From India, Taiwan, and Mexico to Russia, the United States, and the European Parliament, more than half the entire world’s population live in countries that are holding elections this year. We will demand robust strategies to tackle disinformation; promote press freedom to ensure voters have access to high-quality, credible information; and continue to advocate for free, safe, and transparent elections to protect democracy worldwide.

Ensure all digital technologies fully respect human rights and benefit all people by lobbying the UN to make internet governance free, transparent, and interconnected.

Highlight the vital role freedom of expression plays in documenting human rights atrocities and calling out authorities and governments when they violate international humanitarian law. South Africa’s recent complaint against Israel before the International Court of Justice under the Genocide Convention highlights many of the freedom of expression violations that ARTICLE 19 has documented throughout the conflict, and the threat they pose to ensuring accountability.

Call for the protection of journalists, environmental activists, and human rights defenders everywhere. With the escalating crisis in the Middle East and rising tensions during elections, those on the frontlines – who protect all our rights – will face greater risks than ever. We urge governments to ensure their safety and stand ready to support advocates working to protect them. Visit ARTICLE 19’s #JournoSafe Hub for more information.

Demand governments around the world tackle the climate crisis and deliver their promises on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Freedom of expression lies at the heart of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals because only when people are both informed and consulted can they meaningfully make decisions that affect their own lives. Through research, education, and lobbying the UN and regional courts (such as the Inter-American Court of Human Rights), we will continue to urge governments worldwide to improve the quality of right to information laws – and their implementation.

As we start 2024, leaders worldwide are ignoring our calls to end the tragic wars in Ukraine and Palestine, act now on the climate emergency, and tackle the rampant inequalities in our communities. 

History has taught us that, when we raise our voices together, we can make them listen.

But to do this, we need your support.

As a valued ally, will you ask your friends to join our global movement?

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