Protecting journalists: What 10 years of UN resolutions tell us

Protecting journalists: What 10 years of UN resolutions tell us - Protection

A decade ago, the United Nations launched its Plan of Action on the Safety of Journalists and the Issue of Impunity. The first Human Rights Council (HRC) Resolution on the safety of journalists followed that same year.

To mark this year’s World Press Freedom Day in Punta del Este, Uruguay, the seventh Academic Conference on the Safety of Journalists, jointly organised by the University of the Republic and UNESCO will take place on 3 May.

Debates and discussions will include: 

  • War, conflicts and safety of journalists
  • Human rights standards and working conditions of journalists during times of crisis
  • Gender violence and safety of women journalists
  • Digital harassment against women journalists 

ARTICLE 19’s Head of Protection, Silvia Chocarro, Jackie Harrison, Tarlach McGonagle, Sejal Parmar, Sara Torsner will present Closing the normative gap: What ten years of Human Right Council Resolutions tell us about its approach to the safety of journalists.

The effective implementation of these resolutions remains a significant challenge. How have these resolutions evolved and what do they reveal about how the Human Rights Council addresses the issue of the safety of journalists? What are the shortcomings and gaps in the protection of  journalists?

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