Silenced: A new episode of the podcast series from ARTICLE 19

Silenced: A new episode of the podcast series from ARTICLE 19 - Media

Press freedom around the world is under attack like never before. In the new season of Silenced, our host Nicola Kelly speaks to those who, despite adversity, continue to risk it all to report the truth.

In the first episode host Nicola Kelly speaks to Al Jazeera Gaza correspondent Youmna ElSayed. She asks: how do you report on a war, when the war is at home?

Youmna describes the challenges of reporting on the 7 October 2023 Hamas attacks and Israel’s devastating bombardment of the beseiged Gaza Strip in the months that have followed. She sets out the personal and professional costs of covering the war, the impact it has had on her family and the moment the Israeli Defence Forces called her home to issue a threat. Later this season, we’ll hear from:

  • Oren Ziv: Israeli journalist and photographer, and one of the first to report from the frontline following the 7 October attacks.
  • Hiba Morgan: Al-Jazeera Sudan correspondent, and one of the last Sudanese journalists still reporting from the country.
  • Ann Simmons: Wall Street Journal Moscow Bureau Chief, who will discuss the case of her colleague Evan Gershkovich, detained in Russia in 2023 on spurpious espionage charges.

Silenced is presented by Nicola Kelly and produced by Kevin Caners

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