Safety and Protection: Baseline Survey of Journalists in South Sudan

The seriousness of violations of journalists and media workers’ rights in South Sudan is best illustrated by the fact that the country is among five that are implementing the UN Action Plan on Safety of Journalists following the approval of the same by the UN General Assembly in 2012. The implementation of the UN Action includes building capacity and to identify and implement mechanisms that can provide safety and protection to journalists and media workers in countries marked by conflict and organized violence. Interventions envisaged under the UN Plan of Action include requiring the countries to developing a national approach to safety and legal protection.

The last four years have witnessed numerous incidents of violations of media freedom. These incidents include but are not limited to unlawful detention and surveillance, physical and psychological attacks and intimidation, self-censorship and forced closure through economic sanctioning or other kinds of threats. In 2016, 7 journalists have been killed in South Sudan.

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