Podcast ‘Silenced’: On the Israeli frontlines

Podcast ‘Silenced’: On the Israeli frontlines - Media

In the early hours of 7 October 2023, the news rolling in was on a completely different scale to anything Israeli photojournalist Oren Ziv had ever covered before. He grabbed his cameras and headed south to the border villages. Not long after that, he and his colleagues came under fire from Hamas militants, who had broken through the border wall.

Later, Oren visited the site of the Nova music festival and kibbutz where Israelis had attempted to flee the attacks. He has also spoken to the families of those taken hostage by Hamas, attended funerals and morgues, and he has covered the looting of Palestinians’ homes in the West Bank.

In this episode, Oren tells host Nicola Kelly about the attacks on 7 October, how it felt to come under fire from Hamas and what it has been like to cover the war from the frontline.


Presented by Nicola Kelly

Producer: Kevin Caners


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