Podcast: ‘Silenced’ with Afghan journalist Zahra Joya

Podcast: ‘Silenced’ with Afghan journalist Zahra Joya - Media

On the fifteenth of August 2021, Afghan journalist Zahra Joya was at her office, planning the day’s news coverage for her media organisation, Rukhshana. 

It had started like any other day, speaking to the network of female reporters she manages across the country – but it was, very quickly, all set to change. Within hours, the Taliban’s white flags lined the streets and women were forced back inside their homes.

What Zahra and her team at Rukhshana had struggled so hard against was, she felt, about to become a bigger fight. Rukhshana, the first female-led media outlet in Afghanistan, is openly critical of the Taliban, recording attacks on women in public life – and now, it was in the firing line.

Here, in episode 7 of ‘Silenced’, Zahra describes the day the Taliban took over, being airlifted to safety and what it’s like leading a remote team of women journalists while living in exile.


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‘Silenced’ is hosted by human rights journalist Nicola Kelly and produced by Christopher Hooton at Ziggurat Studio. Music is by Julian Wharton and sound design by Rick Morris.