Gambia: ARTICLE 19 calls for greater international scrutiny

The UN Human Rights Council has just adopted the UPR of Gambia. In response ARTICLE 19 outlines some of our key concerns and the most pressing recommendations for Gambia and the international community.

We call on Gambia to:

  • Implement recommendations to promote and protect freedom of expression and information as a matter of urgenc, particularly the recommendations made by Australia to “decriminalise press-related offences such as defamation” and by Portugal to review the Criminal Code in reference to “false information”.
  • Facilitating the full and unrestricted access to the Special Procedures, as recommended by Uruguay, and in particular ensure access to detention centres and other key institutions.
  • An immediate end to the persecution and harassment of LGBT individuals, particularly by ensuring “human rights of all Gambian citizens are respected regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity”, as recommended by the USA and guaranteeing “LGBTI persons the full and equal enjoyment of their human rights”, as recommended by Argentina.

We also call on Member States to increase international scrutiny and appoint a UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Gambia.

Read our statement in full here.