#JournoSafe AdvoSheets

Journalist safety: all you need to know about states’ obligations and commitments to strengthen your advocacy

What are these #JournoSafe AdvoSheets about? 

They are comprehensive but easy-to-use advocacy tools for media freedom and the safety of journalists. The series of advocacy sheets explains the obligations that states have and the commitments they have made regarding the safety of journalists under international human rights law.

We are producing them to support your advocacy efforts. If you have a meeting with a public official or are writing a statement or press release, you can use this AdvoSheet – which includes key quotes we have taken from official documents – to support your arguments.

If you want to know more about international standards on the safety of journalists, you can consult our #JournoSafe Resource Hub


#JournoSafe AdvoSheet: The safety of journalists
Read and download ‘#JournoSafe AdvoSheet: The safety of journalists’ in English below:
The safety of women journalists
Read and download ‘The safety of women journalists’ in the languages below:

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