UK: Cameron must not ignore surveillance recommendations

UK: Cameron must not ignore surveillance recommendations - Digital

This morning, the much-anticipated report by David Anderson QC on surveillance powers was presented to the UK Parliament. Yet, within hours, Downing Street has hinted that the Government is likely to reject some of the key recommendations on surveillance.

Thomas Hughes, Executive Director of ARTICLE 19 says:

The Anderson Report has received praise for its comprehensive, common sense recommendations. Yet the UK government is already looking to dismiss key suggestions on curtailment of ministerial powers, and judicial oversight. ARTICLE 19 hopes David Cameron and the UK government act on the Anderson recommendations around judicial authorisation of interceptions, and protection of journalists’ sources. 

We urge David Cameron not to squander this opportunity to safeguard rights against surveillance, by curtailing ministerial powers. As we saw with the limitation of NSA surveillance powers by the US Congress earlier this month, there is a growing belief among experts and politicians that spying powers, and their impact on free speech, have gone too far. This must be reflected in the government’s response to this crucial report.”