Taming the Titans podcast: Momentum is Building – So Where Now?

Taming the Titans podcast: Momentum is Building – So Where Now? - Digital

ARTICLE 19 has launched episode 5 of the Taming the Titans podcast, ‘Momentum is Building – So Where Now?’

Part of a new podcast series on Big Tech and human rights, and presented by journalist Emily Hart, the episode focuses on a crucial third force in the discussion: civil society. It’s not easy for groups of citizens advocating for human and democratic rights and for the good of societies to ensure their voices are heard in the face of extremely powerful and notoriously secretive companies with huge budgets for lobbying and influence in very high places. 

Emily Hart is joined by experts from two top consumer rights organisations – one from each side of the Atlantic: Vanessa Turner of the European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) and Camila Leite Contri of the Brazilian Institute of Consumers Protection.

A global debate is coming: legislators and regulators in different parts of the world will need to adapt emerging regulatory tools and concepts to their own context and markets. What can we learn from the process of negotiations around the Digital Markets Act in Europe and how can it be replicated in other contexts? Is it even the right template? How can we weave together a global civil society to make sure that people’s voices are really heard in this growing conversation?

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