Taming the Titans podcast: Big Brother vs Big Other

Taming the Titans podcast: Big Brother vs Big Other - Digital

ARTICLE 19 has launched episode 4 of the Taming the Titans, ‘Big Brother vs. Big Other’

The 20th century birthed ‘Big Brother’  – an omnipresent surveillance state – but the 21st century’s digital surveillance capacities have created a ‘Big Other’: online corporations watching us more closely than any state apparatus ever has. The difference is, we’ve put Big Other in our own pockets and homes. For this episode, part of a new podcast series on Big Tech and human rights, journalist Emily Hart is joined by Luis Fernando García, Executive Director and co-founder of Mexican digital rights organisation R3D, and Tomaso Falchetta, who leads Privacy International’s global policy engagement. They’ll be digging into issues of online privacy and surveillance. How much do we know about the data being collected on us? Why does it matter to our human rights and democracies? What can we do about it? 

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