Senegal: Assault on journalist must be investigated

Senegal: Assault on journalist must be investigated - Protection

Human rights organisations ARTICLE 19 Senegal and West Africa, the Ligue Sénégalaise des Droits de l’Homme (LSDH), the Rencontre Africaine pour la Défense des Droits de l’Homme (RADDHO), AfrikaJom Center and AfricTivistes strongly condemn the physical assault on  journalist and Director of 7TV, Maimouna Ndour Faye. We demand a swift and thorough investigation to identify and hold the perpetrators accountable through a fair trial.

Maimouna Ndour Faye, journalist and director of the private television channel 7TV, was brutally attacked and stabbed on Thursday, 29 February 2024. She has been hospitalised for treatment. We extend our solidarity to Maimouna Ndour Faye and wish her a speedy recovery.

This knife attack, perpetrated by an unknown assailant, occurred outside the victim’s residence as she returned from work after her programme Face à MNF, which featured a member of parliament.

This assault is part of a series of attacks against journalists and media outlets in recent years in Senegal, many of which have gone unpunished.

We recall the resolution adopted by the United Nations Human Rights Council on 6th October 2020, concerning the safety of journalists, which urges states to ensure accountability by conducting impartial, prompt, thorough, independent, and effective investigations into all acts of violence, threats, and alleged attacks against journalists and media workers.

All forms of physical violence against journalists are crimes against society, as they violate freedom of expression and, consequently, other rights and freedoms enshrined in international human rights instruments.

We call upon the Senegalese government to:

  • Initiate an investigation to identify the perpetrator(s) and ensure that the guilty party(ies) are held accountable and punished, and;
  • Enhance security measures for journalists, including providing protection and security when covering sensitive or risky events, with special consideration for the specific needs of female journalists related to their safety and security in the workplace.

As tensions rise in the lead-up to the presidential election, we urge citizens and social actors to reject all forms of violence and promote constructive dialogue in the public sphere.

Signed on behalf of our respective organisations:

  • Alfred Nkuru BULAKALI (ARTICLE 19 Senegal and West Africa)
  • Alassane SECK (LSDH)
  • Alioune Tine (AfrikaJom Centre)
  • Cheikh FALL (AfricTivistes)
  • Sadikh NIASSE (RADDHO)
  • Seydi Gassama (Amnesty International Senegal)