Saudi Arabia: Still no justice on second anniversary of Khashoggi killing

Saudi Arabia: Still no justice on second anniversary of Khashoggi killing - Protection
On the 2nd Anniversary of Jamal Khashoggi’s assassination, ARTICLE 19 strongly condemns the lack of true justice for the journalist and his family. 
Quinn McKew, Executive Director of ARTICLE 19, said:
“The report of Agnes Callamard,  the UN Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, made clear that those in Saudi Arabia who are behind his brutal killing have escaped accountability. Until governments of the world truly face up to their obligations to challenge atrocities, the impunity granted to his killers stands as a reminder that the rich and powerful face a different kind of justice from the rest of us.
But even in the face of this impunity, we recognise those who stand up to fight for accountability and true change. ARTICLE 19 thanks the mayors from major cities around the world who have joined the call to boycott the virtual Mayor’s Summit this week hosted by Saudi Arabia in response to their disregard for basic human rights and the rule of law.
We also whole-heartedly welcome the formal launch of DAWN, Democracy for the Arab World Now, which was a dream of Jamal Khashoggi. He established the nonprofit organization shortly before his death, and now his supporters have launched the organisation to promote human rights and democracy in the Arab world. It will focus on exposing abuses by governments across the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt.
These are a reminder that even in the face of impunity, we must continue to take up the fight for human rights and justice.”