Libya: ARTICLE 19 is extremely concerned about reports of murder of two Tunisian journalists

ARTICLE 19 is extremely concerned about reports that Tunisian journalists Sofiene Chourabi and Nadhir Ktari who were kidnapped in Libya four months ago, may have been murdered.  The Islamic State group in Libya claimed responsibility for their deaths on 8 January 2015, however, neither the Tunisian authorities nor the Libyan Authorities have officially confirmed the murders.

“Acts of violence seek to intimidate local and foreign journalists who dare to report from war-torn areas. We sincerely hope these journalists are still alive, and if so, we urge the Libyan transitional authorities to ensure their release and return them safely to Tunisia,” said Saloua Ghazouan, ARTICLE 19 Programme Manager Tunisia.

Chourabi, a journalist who works for the First TV channel, and Ktari, a cameraman, disappeared in September 2014 while on assignment in Libya to report on the border region  with Tunisia.

ARTICLE 19 condemns all forms of violence against journalists who are doing their professional duty in reporting the news in dangerous areas.