IETF Screening, Buenos Aires: Internet, technology, and human rights

On 7 April, ARTICLE 19 and the Asociación por los Derechos Civiles (ADC) invite you to a screening, followed by a debate about the Internet, technology and human rights. The documentaries being screened are Net of Rights, and The Computers: The Remarkable Story of the ENIAC Programmers.

Net of rights

Net of Rights: Trailer

A short film which explores the intersection between Internet protocols and human rights. It is becoming ever more evident that ensuring the Internet remains open, secure and unfiltered is essential for human rights including privacy, freedom of expression and assembly. However, how can these concepts be protected on a protocol level?

The Computers: The Remarkable Story of the ENIAC Programmers

The Computers: The Remarkable Story of the ENIAC Programmers: Trailer

This film tells the story of 6 young female programmers who programmed the world’s first electronic digital computer, as part of a secret project of the United States during the Second World War.

After the screening there will be a debate with the producers of Net of Rights

Location: San Martin 536, CABA. Urban Station (Microcentro)

Time:18.00 – 20.0

Snacks and drinks provided

If you have any further questions, contact [email protected]