Event: Cine Droit Libre

CINE DROIT LIBRE is an alternative festival for films about human rights and freedom of expression in Africa.

In Dakar, CINE DROIT LIBRE is organised by three organisations: ARTICLE19, Studio Sankara and Semfilms Burkina. The Open Society Institute for West Africa (OSIWA) and the Institute Français in Dakar provide financial support for the event.

CINE DROIT LIBRE opposes censorship, proposing an alternative platform for the screening of films. The festival shows films that are usually qualified as “politically incorrect”; they are films that may disturb some political leaders; films that can be considered controversial; but most importantly they are educational.

CINE DROIT LIBRE is a space for innovation with a slogan that reads “one film, one topic, one debate”. It is a space to question absolute truths; cast doubt on persisting presumptions; and debate controversial issues. It is a space where not only filmmakers and human rights defenders can have their say, but the members of the audience can also participate in open and honest dialogue.

CINE DROIT LIBRE, the meeting point for filmmakers, human rights defenders and film lovers, is also a space for innovation and artistic production.

This festival centres on one simple question: “Where is Africa going?” This is a loaded question as we need to decide: Are we heading in the right one or wrong direction? Should we change direction?