Event: Disinformation and media independence in the Western Balkans

Event: Disinformation and media independence in the Western Balkans - Media

Join us in championing ethical journalism in a public event held in London on 19 June, 2024.

The #CheckitFirst campaign, run by ARTICLE 19 in the Western Balkans, asked journalists to embrace ethical journalism and lead by example. It aimed to improve the accuracy of news in the region through capacity building and educational materials. It encourages journalists to resist biased reporting and follow ethical standards.

As a part of the campaign, ARTICLE 19 also launched The Ethical Journalism Awards. The Awards highlight positive examples in media reporting in the region that comply with ethical journalism principles.

The four winners of the Awards will undertake a study visit to Belgium (17-19 June, including the Awards ceremony) and the United Kingdom (19-22 June) to exchange views and experiences with their peers and discuss how to improve ethical journalism in their countries. The UK leg of the study visit will allow the winners to meet journalists, media experts, and academics in Oxford and London.

With the support of the EU Delegation to the United Kingdom, ARTICLE 19 will host a public event on 19 June in London, with the aim of:

  • shedding light on the challenges independent journalists face in the Western Balkans,
  • showcasing positive examples from the region and the UK on how media can counter disinformation in their work,
  • fostering a dialogue between UK journalists and experts on the challenges to independent journalism in the Western Balkans, and
  • raising awareness among a UK audience about the challenges confronted by independent journalists in the Western Balkans.

Event details

Date and time: 19 July, 2024, 5:00-6:30pm (GMT)

Location: 14 Great College Street, Westminster, London SW1P 3RX

Registration for this event is now closed.


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