EU: Joint call for effective Digital Markets Act enforcement

EU: Joint call for effective Digital Markets Act enforcement - Digital

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ARTICLE 19 contributed to ‘Voices for the DMA’, a call in video format from 20+ stakeholders in the Coalition for App Fairness for effective enforcement of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) ahead of the 6 March 2024 deadline for compliance. 

The European Commission designated six gatekeepers in September 2023 and established 6 March 2024 as the deadline for their compliance with the DMA. A wide range of stakeholders in the Coalition for App Fairness, including members of European parliament, associations, civil society organisations, and businesses, created short videos to advocate for effective DMA enforcement ahead of the deadline for compliance to ensure an opening up of the mobile app ecosystem to competition and consumer choice, resulting in better protection of user rights and privacy online. The videos articulate what stakeholders are looking forward to most with an effective DMA.

Mark Dempsey, Senior EU Advocacy Officer at ARTICLE 19, commented

‘One of our main hopes is that Article 6(12) is fully implemented and opens up social media to intra-platform competition.’ 

Article 6(12) requires that gatekeepers apply fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory conditions of access for business users to app stores, search engines, and other services. Effective enforcement will result in a greater balance of rights and obligations between users and gatekeepers. 

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