Digital Markets Act: Submission on gatekeeper compliance reports

Digital Markets Act: Submission on gatekeeper compliance reports - Civic Space

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash.

ARTICLE 19 and four other civil society organisations contributed to the European Commission’s consultation on the template for compliance reports under the Digital Markets Act (DMA). Gatekeepers – very large online platforms like Meta or Amazon, for example – will be required to regularly submit these reports to explain how they comply with the relevant DMA rules.

Compliance reports will play a key role in the proper enforcement of the DMA, and constitute an essential instrument for the European Commission to assess the effective implementation, by each gatekeeper, of the relevant rules. 

The draft template published by the European Commission as it stands is a good start. ARTICLE 19 and partners have jointly submitted various comments and recommendations to improve it. Among other recommendations, we urge the Commission to better specify the remedies to be put in place, to provide clearer benchmarks to measure compliance, and to make sure that other relevant stakeholders can contribute to checking the information provided by gatekeepers.

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