Boundaries of Expression podcast #FreeToProtest: LGBTQI+ rights

Boundaries of Expression podcast #FreeToProtest: LGBTQI+ rights - Civic Space

In this episode of ARTICLE 19’s #FreeToProtest podcast series, we focus on the LGBTQI+ community and the limits on their right to protest around the world.

Jo Glanville speaks to Rita Nketiah, a queer feminist activist in Ghana, about the tabling of a draconian private member’s bill that will introduce a five-year sentence for anyone identifying as LGBTQI+, and imposes a duty for all Ghanaians to denounce members of the community, which also carries a five-year sentence.

Nicola Kelly speaks to Marko Mihailović, a leading LGBTQI+ activist based in Belgrade who successfully ran the city’s campaign to host the pan-European EuroPride in 2022. He describes the atmosphere in the lead up to the event and crackdowns on the community from far-right groups, religious groups and other opponents, which initially led to the cancellation of the march.


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