ARTICLE 19 commits to gender parity in leadership positions

ARTICLE 19 commits to gender parity in leadership positions - Transparency

Image: Alina Kvaratskhelia/ Shutterstock

ARTICLE 19 is proud to mark International Women’s Day 2021 by joining “FAIR SHARE of Women Leaders” across all of our global offices, committing to achieving a fair share of women in our leadership by 2030, and reporting annually the figures and percentages of women in our staff and in the leadership positions, including within our board.

FAIR SHARE has found that in most civil society organisations, about 70% of the employees are women, but about 70% of the leaders are men. This means a talented man is five times more likely to rise to a leadership position than an equally talented woman. ARTICLE 19 commits to ensure that the percentage of women in leadership positions matches the percentage of women in our staff. 

“The Covid-19 pandemic and the rise of authoritarian leadership globally threatens to roll back long-fought gains in gender equality worldwide,” says Quinn McKew, ARTICLE 19’s Executive Director. “Now more so than ever, it is vital for organisations like ARTICLE 19 to make a commitment to gender-equality, and embody that from within.”

Currently, ARTICLE 19 global staff includes 176 individuals, 121 of which identify as women (68.75%). Within ARTICLE 19’s global senior management team, there are 17 individuals, nine of which are women (52.94%). This commitment to FAIR SHARE includes ARTICLE 19’s global offices and presence in the United Kingdom, the United States, the European Union, Mexico, Brazil, Tunisia, Bangladesh, Senegal, Kenya and throughout Southeast Asia.

“The priority for ARTICLE 19 goes beyond statistics, but also ensuring that our path towards gender parity is intersectional and includes women of diverse backgrounds and identities,” says Judy Taing, ARTICLE 19’s Head of Gender & Sexuality.

ARTICLE 19’s commitment includes regularly sharing our data with FAIR SHARE for the annual FAIR SHARE Monitor, which tracks progress towards gender equality in the social impact sector. On Tuesday 30 March FAIR SHARE will virtually present the results of the FAIR SHARE Monitor 2021. To register, click here.