Montenegro: ARTICLE 19 statement in support of Vanja Calovic

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29 Oct 2014



“ARTICLE 19 is extremely concerned  at the smear campaign against Vanja Calovic, a key figure in exposing corruption and organised crime in Montenegro,” ARTICLE 19’s Director of Programmes, David Diaz-Jogeix stated.

For the second time in a few months, Calovic, Executive Director of MANS (The Network for Affirmation of NGO Sector), was a victim of a smear campaign aimed at compromising her personal and professional integrity. The campaign was carried out by the Montenegro edition of the Informer newspaper.

“An attack on Calovic is an attack on the society of Montenegro. Failure of the authorities to promptly investigate this attack and take effective measures will have a chilling effect on those that want to expose corruption and organised crime”, Diaz-Jogeix stated.