Bangladesh and South Asia


In focus

Nepal, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan evidence increasing threats to freedom of expression. Religious extremism and political unrest across the region has led government to enforce increasingly repressive legislation to silence and censor dissent in the name of security and counter terrorism. Particularly in Bangladesh and Pakistan, journalists and media workers have suffered brutal attacks and killings from armed groups, many of which have gone uninvestigated and with very few of these killings ever reaching a trial. This cycle of violence and impunity is also evident in India where a series of journalist and human rights defenders have been killed. While progress can be seen in media freedom: as Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh formulate their own media laws, civil society face the challenge of fighting threats to freedom of expression from content restrictions and other censorships which could be invoked by new laws.



Our work

ARTICLE 19 monitors freedom of expression violations towards journalists and communicators across the region. Following the grotesque attacks on bloggers in 2015 and 2016 in Bangladesh, we have been working to help journalists and media workers protect themselves against the range of threats they face. We also raise freedom of expression violations to international fora by submitting Universal Periodic Reviews among other international mechanisms. We train media workers to counter discrimination and gender-based censorship and advocate for reforms to restrictive legislation.

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