Journalists, cartoonists, and activists in Uganda face intense pressure, threats and criminal charges from authorities and are forced, especially in rural areas, to carry out their work in an environment of widespread impunity. In the last five years, over 600 cases of violations against journalists were recorded, involving both State and non-state actors.

The criminalisation of LGBTI people in Uganda also constitutes a severe and discriminatory violation of free expression. LGBTI people are subject to attack, and media seen as ‘glorifying homosexuality’ has been subject to bans.

Political opposition is subject to repression, and social media has been subject to shutdowns. The Official Secrets Act still exists on the statutes and has proved one of several barriers to full implementation of Access to Information Law.

ARTICLE 19’s work on protection in Uganda includes providing support for journalists, media workers and human rights defenders under threat. Special emphasis has been placed on the digital security needs for women journalists as they face disproportionately higher levels of attacks compared to men. We also work with partners to train media regulators to ensure that any decisions taken are within the bounds of international human rights law. We also work to ensure the ATI law is fully implemented, and advocate for the repeal of repressive laws restricting expression.

21.09.2018 3 min read

Uganda: Continued harassment and arbitrary arrest of journalists must end

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24.08.2018 5 min read

Uganda: Vicious crackdown on protest, journalism, and opposition around by-election

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14.08.2018 4 min read

Uganda: Increasing harassment and attacks against journalists around elections must end

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26.06.2018 11 min read

Eastern Africa: New tax and licensing rules for social media threaten freedom of expression

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14.12.2017 2 min read

Uganda:  Misuse of defamation law sees recording duo charged for offensive communication against President Museveni

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03.10.2017 4 min read

Uganda: Ban on live coverage limits access to information

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23.05.2017 5 min read

Uganda: Media Council bans screening of film for “glorifying homosexuality”

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19.04.2017 4 min read

Uganda: SIM card registration requirements must respect fundamental rights

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18.04.2017 5 min read

Uganda: Government must safeguard freedom of expression after arrest and attack

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