Safety of journalists and human rights defenders

Journalists and human rights defenders around the world face major risks as a result of their work. Governments and other powerful actors, seeking to escape scrutiny and stifle dissent, often respond to critical reporting or activism with attempts to silence them.

Threats, surveillance, attacks, arbitrary arrest and detention, and, in the most grave cases, enforced disappearance or killings, are too often the cost of reporting the truth. The protection of journalists and human rights defenders, and ending impunity for attacks against them, is a global priority for safeguarding freedom of expression.

States are under an obligation to prevent, protect against, and prosecute attacks against journalists and human rights defenders. Creating a safe and enabling environment for their work necessitates legal reform, the creation of special protection mechanisms, and protocols to guide effective investigations and prosecutions where attacks occur. A free press and active civil society are essential to ensure the public’s right to know, so that governments and institutions can be held accountable.

07.02.2019 1 min read

Event: Democracy at Risk: Threats and attacks against media freedom in Europe in 2018

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06.02.2019 5 min read

Iran: Environmental activists facing trial based on forced confessions

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21.01.2019 2 min read

Ghana: Investigate killing of journalist Ahmed Hussein-Suale

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11.01.2019 4 min read

Myanmar: Yangon court upholds conviction of Reuters journalists

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10.01.2019 5 min read

Turkey: Journalist convicted of “libel” and “insult” for reporting on Paradise Papers leaks

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10.01.2019 4 min read

Azerbaijan: ECHR ruling confirms government failing to protect journalists from abuse

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12.12.2018 1 min read

Ethiopia: Joint UPR finds civic space remains constricted

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11.12.2018 4 min read

Turkey: Respect ECtHR ruling and end politically motivated trials against Demirtaş

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05.12.2018 8 min read

ARTICLE 19 report shows sharp decline in global freedom of expression since 2014

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