Frequently asked questions

Pro democracy protestors in Thailand raising the three finger gesture

ARTICLE 19 is an international human rights organisation with very limited resources with which to respond to queries through our contact service.  We will do our best, but please use the FAQ links below to help us direct your questions to the appropriate team first.  And use this site to learn more about what we do.

About ARTICLE 19 – our work

Learning about freedom of expression

Joining ARTICLE 19 – jobs and opportunities

Supporting ARTICLE 19

Support from ARTICLE 19

If you need direct assistance and are already partnered with us, contact [email protected]
For legal and policy guidance, visit our Law and Policy page
For information on our campaigns, visit the ARTICLE 19 campaigns section

Speaking to ARTICLE 19

If you are a journalist wanting to speak to ARTICLE 19 please contact our press office at [email protected]

Raising a concern with ARTICLE 19

If you have a concern to raise with ARTICLE 19 please follow the instructions on the Raising a concern page and contact us via the correct email.


You can view the ARTICLE 19 safe-guarding policy