ARTICLE 19 will:

  • Apply the Commitments progressively to all our policies, activities and operations;
  • Report annually on our performance against the 10 Accountability Commitments;
  • Submit each report to Accountable Now’s Independent Review Panel (IRP) for
  • assessment and publish reports with the IRP’s feedback on both our own and Accountable Now’s websites;
  • Enable and encourage staff to draw management’s attention to activities that may not comply with the law, our mission or provisions of these Commitments;
  • Refine the Commitments through experience, taking into account future developments, in particular those that improve accountability and transparency;
  • Accountable Now will provide more detailed guidelines on minimum standards and good practices to further support the implementation of our accountability commitments.

The International Aid Transparency Initiative

ARTICLE 19 has signed up to the IATI.

The International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) works to ensure that transparent, good quality information on development resources is available and used to help achieve sustainable development. IATI’s vision and mission were agreed at IATI’s first Members’ Assembly in 2016:

The vision and mission of IATI is that: “Transparent, good quality information on development resources and results is available and used by all stakeholder groups to help achieve sustainable development outcomes.”

The IATI community works together to 1) ensure transparency of data on development resources and results; 2) ensure the quality of IATI data is continually improved and responds to the needs of all stakeholders and 3) facilitate access to effective tools and support so that IATI data contributes to the achievement of sustainable development outcomes.