Bahrain: ARTICLE 19 condemns death sentences for activists

Bahrain: ARTICLE 19 condemns death sentences for activists -

On 13 July, the Court of Cassation in Bahrain upheld death sentences for Mohamed Ramadhan and Hussain Moosa, who were found guilty of being involved in a bomb attack that killed a policeman. Bahrain’s highest court upheld the sentences, despite allegations that the men’s confession was made while they were being tortured during their interrogation in 2014.

Regional Director of ARTICLE 19 MENA Saloua Ghazouani Oueslati said:

“With no more legal options available, we call on the King of Bahrain to do the right thing and pardon these men and investigate claims that they were tortured.

“The Bahrain authorities must commit to protecting human rights in the kingdom, and anyone responsible for torture should to be held to account.

“The UK government, which has provided security assistance to Bahrain since 2012, should condemn these sentences and use their influence to persuade the Bahraini regime to pardon Ramadhan and Moosa.”

The bombing took place in the village of al-Deir in February 2014. A week later, Ramadhan and Moosa were arrested and taken for interrogation to Bahrain’s Criminal Investigations Department, where, according to reports, they were beaten, sexually assaulted and deprived of sleep. This claim was backed up by medical reports, published in 2018, which led to the Court of Cassation suspending the death sentences. However, even though the case was re-opened at the High Criminal Court of Appeal, the death sentences were upheld in January 2020. Yesterday’s ruling was the final chance for the sentences to be overturned. The two men now face death by firing squad, unless the King of Bahrain intervenes.