ARTICLE 19 announces Quinn McKew as new Executive Director

ARTICLE 19 announces Quinn McKew as new Executive Director -

Quinn McKew, Executive Director of ARTICLE 19

ARTICLE 19 has announced Quinn McKew as their new Executive Director. McKew has worked for the organisation since 2011, most recently as Acting Executive Director.

Ms McKew has a background in community building, environmental activism, and the protection of human rights in the digital age and her appointment signals that ARTICLE 19 will command even more of a presence as an innovating influence in the field of expression and the right to information.  

ARTICLE 19 Chairman Paddy Coulter said of Quinn’s appointment:

“The Board were looking for an outstanding leader to shape ARTICLE 19’s strategic response to the unprecedented challenges to freedom of expression at this time.  Our decision to appoint Quinn McKew to the role is a signal to power-holders and the marginalised groups we work with, that voice matters, that diversity matters, that the way we experience expression matters more than ever.”

In an interview about her appointment McKew said one of the defining challenges for ARTICLE 19, “is the urgent need to dislodge the prevailing narrative of Expression as one of fear and suspicion to one of empowerment.  We must work to change the chilling and disabling narrative in public discourse to one that says voice is essential to a whole range of other rights: that the protection of freedom of expression is in everyone’s interest.”

Speaking about how the organisation will meet this challenge, she added:

“Freedom of expression has declined around the world in the last ten years.  To meet that challenge we have exceptional people constantly working to innovate and influence the shifts we need to see across many key areas such as the right to protest, to participate and be critical of power-holders who fail to deliver on their commitments.  

“Our people and partners are courageous and brave.  We know it is time to hear diverse voices, not just one set of opinions.  We know it is vital that we listen to them, and create solutions that work for the people, the planet and our children’s futures.”

Previously, Quinn was Senior Director of the American Rivers National River Heritage Campaign and a research fellow with the World Wildlife Fund. In 2009 she joined The Management Centre in London where she provided strategic consultancy and business planning expertise to government and non-profit organisations in Europe, the USA and Latin America. She is also a Trustee of the prestigious Equal Rights Trust in the UK.  She holds an MBA from Georgetown University and a BA from Stanford University.

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