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  • Internet Intermediaries

OTTs at the ITU: A Case of Over the Top Mandate Expansion

27 Sep 2017

Last Wednesday, Saudi Arabia lifted its longtime ban…

Policy brief

Getting Connected: New policy on freedom of expression, telcos and ISPs

14 Jun 2017

Today, at the 35th Session of the UN Human Rights Council,…


Side Event at UNHRC: Fake News and Free Expression

07 Jun 2017

“Fake News”A side event at the 35th Session…

Legal analysis

Germany: Draft Bill on Social Networks raises serious free expression concerns

26 Apr 2017

In April 2017, ARTICLE 19 analysed the Draft Bill on…

image Submission

ECHR: Serious harm jurisdictional threshold must be respected

04 May 2016

 On 29 April 2016, ARTICLE 19 filed a third-party…

image Advocacy letter

Is the EU forgetting Freedom of Expression? The EU General Data Protection Regulation

23 Nov 2015

The EU General Data Protection regulation (GDPR) will…

image Submission

France: ARTICLE 19 supports claim challenging lawfulness of administrative website blocking

30 Jul 2015

ARTICLE 19 has submitted an amicus curiae brief to…


Iropoly: What are the online behaviours that are landing Iranian online activists in jail?

02 Jul 2015

What are the online behaviours that are landing Iranian…

image Update

Europe: European Court confirms Delfi Decision in Blow to Online Freedom

16 Jun 2015

Today, the Grand Chamber of the European Court issued…

image Press release

Philippines: International Coalition Launches ‘Manila Principles’

24 Mar 2015

New ‘Best Practice’ Roadmap to Protect…

image Press release

African Declaration on Internet Rights and Freedoms launched

08 Sep 2014

ARTICLE 19 and over 20 other organisations working…

image Update

ARTICLE 19 at the IGF

29 Aug 2014

What’s the IGF? Next week, ARTICLE 19 will…

Legal analysis

Kenya: Cybercrime and Computer Related Crimes Bill

14 Aug 2014

In July 2014, ARTICLE 19 analysed the first draft of…

image Update

Net neutrality: Join a party to defend the internet

04 Aug 2014

Protecting the plurality and diversity of information…

image Submission

ARTICLE 19 to European Court: Online news sites should not be strictly liable for third-party comments

18 Jun 2014

On 30 May 2014, ARTICLE 19 filed a third-party intervention…

image Country report

Computer Crimes in Iran: Online repression in practice

05 Dec 2013

Iran’s Computer Crimes Law was approved by parliament…

Legal analysis

Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement: Intellectual Property Chapter

28 Nov 2013

On 13 November, Wikileaks published a full draft of…

image Update

Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement: Unveiling the shroud of secrecy

28 Nov 2013

ARTICLE 19  releases a detailed legal analysis of…

image Update

Trans-Pacific Partnership: An attack on freedom of expression online

15 Nov 2013

Earlier this week Wikileaks released a draft chapter…

image Statement

European Court strikes serious blow to free speech online

14 Oct 2013

On 10 October, the European Court of Human Rights issued…

Policy brief

Internet intermediaries: Dilemma of liability

29 Aug 2013

It is estimated that there over 2 billion people connected…


Internet Intermediaries: Dilemma of Liability Q and A

29 Aug 2013

ARTICLE 19's policy brief 'Internet Intermediaries:…

image Policy brief

The Right to Blog

20 Aug 2013

In this policy paper, ARTICLE 19 proposes a set of…

image Update

ARTICLE 19 to European Court: bloggers should not be liable for user-generated content

19 Mar 2013

Today, ARTICLE 19 filed third-party intervention submissions…