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  • National security

Ethiopia: Free expression and online anonymity must be respected

13 Apr 2017

ARTICLE 19 welcomes the 6 April decision of the Ethiopian…

image Submission

Turkey: ARTICLE 19 submits expert opinion in Özgür Gündem solidarity campaign case

21 Mar 2017

Today, ARTICLE 19 submitted an expert opinion to Istanbul's…

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Turkey: Politically-motivated trials of journalists and human rights defenders continue

20 Feb 2017

Last week, ARTICLE 19, PEN International and Reporters…

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Commutation of Manning’s sentence must be followed by Snowden pardon, whistleblower protections

18 Jan 2017

ARTICLE 19 welcomes outgoing US President Barack Obama’s…

Legal analysis

Kenya: Cyber Security and Protection Bill

18 Nov 2016

In September 2016, ARTICLE 19 reviewed the draft Cyber…

Legal analysis

Kenya: Computer and Cybercrimes Bill

18 Nov 2016

In September 2016, ARTICLE 19 reviewed the draft Computer…

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Turkey: State of emergency provisions violate human rights and should be revoked

19 Oct 2016

We, the undersigned organisations, recognise that the…

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Brazil: Olympic Games security transparency woefully lacking

05 Aug 2016

ARTICLE 19 is seriously concerned about a lack of transparency…

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Tunisia: Human rights and counter-terrorism

28 Apr 2016

Fighting terrorism and respecting human rights are…

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UNHRC 31: Egypt-led “terrorism” resolution is a danger to human rights

31 Mar 2016

ARTICLE 19 is deeply concerned by an Egypt-led resolution…

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UNHRC 31: States must reject flawed resolution on "terrorism"

22 Mar 2016

ARTICLE 19, joined by leading civil society organisations,…

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Brazil: From Cyber Security to Cyber War

10 Mar 2016

From Cyber Security to Cyber War - the development…

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UK: Investigatory Powers Bill needs redraft, not review

11 Feb 2016

Following the publication of report by the Joint Committee…

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Ukraine: Government must release blogger imprisoned for over a year on treason charges

09 Feb 2016

A year after his initial arrest, ARTICLE 19 calls upon…

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Turkey: Government must protect Protest and Debate after Ankara Attack

12 Oct 2015

Following bomb attacks on a peace rally in Ankara,…

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Egypt: Charges against Al Jazeera journalists must be dropped

27 Jul 2015

UPDATE:On the due date of the verdict, the Egyptian…

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Turkey: Release journalist Mehmet Baransu and drop the charges

06 Mar 2015

ARTICLE 19 condemns the arrest of Taraf journalist…

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Kenya: New Security Laws Exploit Terror Threat to Infringe Human Rights

18 Dec 2014

Today (18th December 2014), the Kenyan Parliament will…

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Kenya: Concerns with Security Laws (Amendment) Bill

17 Dec 2014

ARTICLE 19 is deeply concerned by the Security Laws…

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Tunisia: Freedom of expression must be protected in the fight against terrorism

30 Jul 2014

ARTICLE 19 is concerned by the Prime Minister’s…

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UNHRC must adopt resolution on internet and Human Rights by consensus

26 Jun 2014

ARTICLE 19 calls on the UN Human Rights Council (HRC)…

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Snowden reveals spying on human rights organisations

09 Apr 2014

Following whistleblower Edward Snowden’s allegations…

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Cambodia: Secret Draft Cybercrime Law seeks to undermine free speech online

09 Apr 2014

ARTICLE 19 is deeply concerned about Cambodia’s…

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UK: Miranda ruling fails to protect public interest journalism

19 Feb 2014

ARTICLE 19, English PEN and Media Legal Defence Initiative…

image Update

UK: #dontspyonus mass surveillance campaign launched

11 Feb 2014

Together with a group of leading human rights and civil…

image Advocacy letter

UK: Open letter to Home Affairs Committee highlighting concerns over press freedom

02 Dec 2013

ARTICLE 19 and leading civil liberties campaigners…


UK: Civil Society concerns about mass surveillance

30 Oct 2013

Secret mass surveillance is a threat to democracy and…

image Update

ARTICLE 19 urges Inter-American Commission to hold USA accountable for mass surveillance

29 Oct 2013

ARTICLE 19 has joined a coalition of NGOs to call…

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UK: Concern about Parliamentary review into Guardian reporting of mass surveillance

17 Oct 2013

On 16 October 2013, the UK Prime Minister David Cameron…


UK: Any oversight of state surveillance must be independent

17 Oct 2013

The UK Parliament's intelligence and security committee…

image Statement

Principles on Surveillance and Human Rights: UNHRC must take action on surveillance

20 Sep 2013

ARTICLE 19 welcomes the release of the “International…


Over 50 freedom of expression organisations call for immediate release of Moroccan editor Ali Anouzla

20 Sep 2013

We, the undersigned press freedom and freedom of expression…

image Update

ARTICLE 19 supports Snowden's nomination for EU's Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought

19 Sep 2013

ARTICLE 19 has written to Members of the European Parliament…

image Submission

USA: Shadow Report on International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights submitted to UNHRC

13 Sep 2013

ARTICLE 19 has submitted a Shadow Report to the UN…

image Statement

Concern over Mexican Constitutional Revisions on Right to Information

27 Aug 2013

ARTICLE 19 remains concerned over proposed amendments…

Press release

UK: Urgent investigation needed into Miranda terror detention

19 Aug 2013

On Sunday 18 August 2013, Brazilian national David…

image Press release

Bradley Manning: Victim of state oppression

30 Jul 2013

Dr Agnes Callamard, ARTICLE Executive Director, commented:…

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USA must respect international standards on protection of whistleblowers

27 Jun 2013

ARTICLE 19 reiterates its calls for the US government…

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Protection needed for Prism whistleblower Edward Snowden

10 Jun 2013

ARTICLE 19 condemns the calls for prosecution and extradition…

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Burundi: Assent for media law blow to free expression

06 Jun 2013

The granting of assent to the Media Law is a severe…

image Country report

Eritrea: A Nation Silenced

03 Jun 2013

The Eritrean state television network ERITV broadcasting…

image Press release

Vietnam: Injustice reigns as eight pro-democracy activists lose appeal

24 May 2013

Family members and supporters rally to demand freedom…

Press release

Kenya: High Court lifts ban on play

19 Apr 2013

ARTICLE 19 welcomes a decision by the High Court to…

image Statement

US: WikiLeaks and hacktivists should not be labelled as threat to US trade

28 Feb 2013

ARTICLE 19 is concerned that the new US Administration…

image Press release

Vietnam: Jailing of thirteen pro-democracy activists is an abuse of fundamental rights

09 Jan 2013

ARTICLE 19 condemns the jailing of thirteen pro-democracy…

Press release

Tunisia: Report finds draft constitution fails to protect fundamental human rights

09 Nov 2012

ARTICLE 19 warns that the initial draft of Tunisian…

Press release

Cambodia: Twenty year jailing of radio journalist sends chilling message

02 Oct 2012

ARTICLE 19 is concerned about the 20-year prison sentence…

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England and Wales: Criminalising Twitter airport joke violates free expression

27 Jun 2012

Today, 27 June, the High Court for England and Wales…

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Ethiopia: Conviction of journalist on terror charges is a miscarriage of justice

27 Jun 2012

ARTICLE 19 is saddened by the conviction of 24 Ethiopians,…