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  • Media regulation
Press release

Mexico: Media freedom requires clear and precise rules on public advertising

30 Oct 2017

ARTICLE 19, International Media Support (IMS) and the…


Uganda: Ban on live coverage limits access to information

02 Oct 2017

ARTICLE 19 is concerned by the recent directive issued…


New EU legislation must not throttle online flows of information and ideas

12 Sep 2017

ARTICLE 19 is concerned about proposals in the revised…

Legal analysis

Senegal: Legal analysis of the Press Code

23 Aug 2017

On 20 June 2017, the Senegalese Parliament unanimously…


UK: Ofcom should encourage community media to improve their practices, not reduce them to silence

25 Jul 2017

Ofcom, the UK regulatory authority for audiovisual…

image Update

Call for Applications: Regulating “Hate Speech” in the Media

12 Jul 2017

Imagining Better Ways to Promote Equality and Freedom…


Side Event at UNHRC: Fake News and Free Expression

07 Jun 2017

“Fake News”A side event at the 35th Session…


Uganda: Media Council bans screening of film for “glorifying homosexuality”

23 May 2017

ARTICLE 19 is concerned by the recent censorship of…

Legal analysis

Myanmar: Telecommunications Law

09 Mar 2017

In March 2017, ARTICLE 19 analysed the Telecommunications…

Legal analysis

Poland: independence of public service media

31 Jan 2017

In this joint report, ARTICLE 19 and the Polish Helsinki…

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Social Media and “Fake News” from a free speech perspective

25 Nov 2016

Recently, Facebook has been blamed for spreading “fake…

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Myanmar: Media survey shows demand for continued reform

14 Nov 2016

A new survey of Myanmar journalists, carried out by…

image Statement

United States must protect freedom of expression at home and abroad

11 Nov 2016

“ARTICLE 19 calls on President-elect Donald Trump,…

Press release

ARTICLE 19’s response to recognition of IMPRESS

25 Oct 2016

Today, on 25 October 2016, the UK Press Recognition…

image Statement

Turkey: Restore independence of opposition newspaper, Zaman

07 Mar 2016

ARTICLE 19 expresses the gravest of concern at the…


Myanmar: Journalists recommend new government decriminalise expression

05 Jan 2016

A survey of Myanmar journalists and media workers at…

image Legal analysis

Legal Analysis: The Myanmar Law on Broadcasting

20 Nov 2015

EXECUTIVE SUMMARYMyanmar’s newly adopted Broadcasting…

image Press release

Kenya: Unconstitutional attempt to gag media by Parliament

16 Oct 2015

ARTICLE 19 is concerned by the total disregard for…

image Advocacy letter

Malaysia: Restrictions on freedom of expression around Bersih 4.0 must be lifted

01 Sep 2015

On August 27, ARTICLE 19 signed a joint letter to the…

image Legal analysis

Legal Analysis: Tajikistan's Law on Television and Radio Broadcasting

25 Aug 2015

In August 2015, ARTICLE 19 analysed Tajikistan's Law…

image Legal analysis

Somalia: National Communications Act 2015

16 Jul 2015

In July 2015, ARTICLE 19 analysed the Draft National…

image Press release

Gambia: Community Radio Manager's Disappearance goes unexplained

13 Jul 2015

UPDATE: Alagie Abdoulie Cessay, manager of Taranga…

image Statement

UPR: Call for Turkey to respect fundamental rights in law and practice

10 Jul 2015

ARTICLE 19 and Punto24 have delivered a joint oral…

image Legal analysis

Kenya: Information and Communications (Broadcasting) Regulations and Programming Code

30 Jun 2015

In May 2015, ARTICLE 19 analysed the Kenya Information…

image Press release

Kenya: Legal reforms need to go further

21 May 2015

ARTICLE 19 welcomes the establishment of an 11 member…

image Press release

Sri Lanka: Post-election media freedom mission recommends reform

14 May 2015

A mission of seven INGOs and IGOs working on media…

image Statement

Lebanon: ARTICLE 19 sends Amicus Brief to Special Tribunal for Lebanon

16 Apr 2015

ARTICLE 19 has submitted an amicus brief to the Special…

image Blog

Iran: The Un-universal Application of Universal Human Rights

30 Jan 2015

“Free speech in Iran”.  “Freedom…

Legal analysis

Tunisia: Draft Decree on the establishment of a Press Council

01 Jan 2015

ARTICLE 19 examined the Draft Decree on fixing a framework…

image Statement

Indonesia: Press Freedom, Free Expression Still Under Threat

18 Dec 2014

An international delegation visiting Indonesia last…

image Guest article

Living with State Censorship!

28 Nov 2014

Many years ago, prominent Iranian journalist Mahmoud…

image Country report

Egypt: News websites and alternative voices

26 Nov 2014

In a country deeply polarized after three years of…

image Legal analysis

Myanmar: Printing and Publishing Law

11 Nov 2014

In 2014, ARTICLE 19 analysed the 2014 Printing and…

image Press release

Kenya: Media successful but fraught with legal and structural challenges

31 Oct 2014

ARTICLE 19 Eastern Africa today (31st October 2014)…

Country report

Djibouti: Media and the law

16 Oct 2014

Djibouti is one of the few African countries without…

Country report

Kenya: The impact of Kenya's legal and institutional frameworks on media freedom

16 Oct 2014

Kenya’s Constitution 20101 has a new and progressive…

Legal analysis

Tajikistan: Media Law

02 Oct 2014

In this legal analysis, ARTICLE 19: Global Campaign…

image Country report

Myanmar: Free expression, media freedom and 2015 elections

01 Oct 2014

It is recognised everywhere that the media play a vital…

image Blog

The Poet’s Wish Goes Unfulfilled – Dozens of Prisoners of Conscience Remain in Iran’s Prisons

21 Aug 2014

On the 18th August the sad news about the death of…

image Country report

Background paper on freedom of expression in Myanmar

23 Jul 2014

The book looks at the key laws in Myanmar that…

image Country report

Guide to advocacy on freedom of expression in Myanmar

23 Jul 2014

The People’s Coalition for Free Expression brings…

image Country report

Beginners’ guide to freedom of expression laws for Myanmar

23 Jul 2014

ARTICLE 19 launched this beginners’ guide as…

image Country report

Beginners’ guide to content restriction for Myanmar

23 Jul 2014

ARTICLE 19 launched this beginners’ guide as…

image Legal analysis

Myanmar: News Media Law

18 Jul 2014

This analysis examines the compliance of the 2014 News…

image Update

Myanmar: Video interview as 5 journalists get 10 years hard labour

18 Jul 2014

This week, 5 journalists in Myanmar were sentenced…

image Press release

Mexico: New Telecom Law Endangers Freedom of Expression

11 Jul 2014

ARTICLE 19 strongly condemns the adoption by the Mexican…


Newsletter: Freedom of Expression in East Africa

12 May 2014

This monthly newsletter provides a snapshot of the…

image Update

Tunisia: ARTICLE 19 urges President Marzouki to guarantee media pluralism

10 May 2014

On 8 and 9 May, an ARTICLE 19 delegation led by David…