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image Statement

Iran: Re-elected administration must make rhetoric reality for free expression online

25 May 2017

Following his re-election for a second term in Iran’s…

image Country report

Tightening the Net: Online Freedoms in Iran Ahead of the 2017 Presidential Elections

11 May 2017

This report is the first in a series of quarterly briefings,…

image Update

Uganda: Academic and activist Stella Nyanzi released on bail for free speech charges

11 May 2017

ARTICLE 19 welcomes the news that after 33 days in…


Malaysia: Social Media Users Must Not Be Co-Opted to Censor Online Dissent

08 May 2017

ARTICLE 19 is concerned that a new “advisory…

Legal analysis

Germany: Draft Bill on Social Networks raises serious free expression concerns

26 Apr 2017

In April 2017, ARTICLE 19 analysed the Draft Bill on…

image Blog

Status Code 451: An Internet Governance Standard to Expose Censorship

20 Apr 2017

Sometimes a simple paragraph of computer code can help…

image Press release

Developing a Human Rights Impact Assessment Model for Internet Domain Registries

03 Apr 2017

ARTICLE 19, the Danish Institute for Human Rights,…

image Statement

Russia: Online dissent sparks mass protests

31 Mar 2017

On 26 March, Russia experienced the largest popular…

image Press release

Brazil: ARTICLE 19 condemns censorship of protest by Facebook

31 Mar 2017

ARTICLE 19 condemns the removal by Facebook of the…

image Blog

#InternetOfRights: Creating the Universal Declaration of Digital Rights

24 Mar 2017

WARNING: This blogpost is published for discussion…

image Blog

DOA for IoT at ITU-T Study Group 20: Dead on Arrival, or Return of the Living Dead?

22 Mar 2017

Last week, US Senior White House Adviser Kellyanne…


Paraguay: Court must consider freedom of speech in gender-based online abuse case

13 Mar 2017

ARTICLE 19 calls on the Juvenile Court of Paraguay…

image Country report

Tightening the Net Part 2: The Soft War and Cyber Tactics in Iran

03 Feb 2017

Despite being one of the region’s leading cyberpowers,…

image Press release

Iran: How Iranian authorities have been fighting the ‘Soft War’ online

03 Feb 2017

Despite being one of the region’s leading cyberpowers,…

image Statement

Cameroon: ARTICLE 19 condemns internet shut downs

02 Feb 2017

ARTICLE 19 strongly condemns the ongoing Internet shut…

Press release

Tanzania: Popular website Jamii Forum’s office raided, staff arrested and detained

16 Dec 2016

The arrest on Tuesday of Maxence Melo, founder and…

image Special statement

IGF 2016 Civil Society Closing Speech

09 Dec 2016

The following statement was given by Paulina Gutierrez,…

image Policy brief

Freedom of Expression Unfiltered: How blocking and filtering affect free speech

08 Dec 2016

The Internet was designed to enable the free flow of…

image Press release

Freedom of Expression Unfiltered: New policy on blocking, filtering and free speech

08 Dec 2016

Today, at the Internet Governance Forum, ARTICLE 19…

image Statement

Corporate actors must not facilitate human rights violations through new Chinese rules

02 Dec 2016

Recent efforts by Verisign at the Internet Corporation…

Policy brief

Algorithms and automated decision-making in the context of crime prevention

02 Dec 2016

In this briefing paper, ARTICLE 19 evaluates the human…


Gambia election: Government shuts down internet communications

01 Dec 2016

ARTICLE 19 condemns yesterday’s government-ordered…


Freedom of Expression and the role of the telecommunications and Internet access sector

01 Dec 2016

ARTICLE 19 has responded to the call for submissions…


France's Highest Court must respect free speech in “right to be forgotten” case

23 Nov 2016

Today, 23 November 2016 – ARTICLE 19, together…

Legal analysis

Kenya: Computer and Cybercrimes Bill

18 Nov 2016

In September 2016, ARTICLE 19 reviewed the draft Computer…

image Statement

UK: New surveillance law sets dangerous global precedent

18 Nov 2016

The UK Parliament has passed the Investigatory Powers…

image Statement

Russia: Landmark ruling against LinkedIn a threat to social media

11 Nov 2016

Access to LinkedIn, the world's largest online professional…


Making the Internet truly global: The IANA transition

30 Sep 2016

Today, September 30th will be a day like every other…

image Statement

Germany: New law enabling surveillance of foreign citizens threatens freedom of expression

05 Aug 2016

ARTICLE 19 calls upon the German ruling coalition to…

image Press release

Brazil: WhatsApp services blocked nationwide in violation of freedom of expression

22 Jul 2016

ARTICLE 19 condemns the blocking of access to WhatsApp…

image Statement

UNHRC: Significant resolution reaffirming human rights online adopted

01 Jul 2016

ARTICLE 19 welcomes the adoption at the UN Human Rights…

image Statement

UNHRC: Reject attempts to weaken resolution on Human Rights and the Internet

30 Jun 2016

ARTICLE 19 and more than 80 other organisations have…

image Press release

Myanmar: Prosecutors should drop Mizzima online defamation case

28 Jun 2016

ARTICLE 19 is seriously concerned by the newly-elected…

image Statement

UNHRC: Strong resolution must be adopted on human rights on the Internet

24 Jun 2016

ARTICLE 19 is urging states at the UN Human Rights…

image Statement

UNHRC: Digital Freedoms Under Threat in Russia

22 Jun 2016

Item 4 General Debate – Oral Statement23 June…

Legal analysis

Pakistan: An Analysis of the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2015

20 Jun 2016

ARTICLE 19, Privacy International and Digital Rights…

image Statement

UNHRC: States must stop pressuring private sector, and protect free expression online

17 Jun 2016

ARTICLE 19 has delivered an oral statement responding…

image Statement

Russia: Regressive restrictions to freedom of expression online highlighted in new interactive timeline

16 Jun 2016

ARTICLE 19 has launched an interactive timeline documenting…

image Statement

UN watchdog calls on tech sector to protect and promote free expression

08 Jun 2016

ARTICLE 19 welcomes the report of the UN Special Rapporteur…

Legal analysis

Bangladesh: Draft Digital Security Act

11 May 2016

Executive SummaryIn this legal analysis, ARTICLE 19…

Country report

Kenya: Women Journalists' Digital Security

01 May 2016

The Internet continues to be an enabling space and…

Legal analysis

Kenya: Information Communications (Cybersecurity) and (Electronic Transactions) Draft Regulations

21 Apr 2016

In this analysis, ARTICLE 19 reviews the draft Information…

image Press release

Kenya: Win for freedom of expression as repressive law declared unconstitutional

19 Apr 2016

ARTICLE 19 welcomes the news that Kenya’s law…


IETF Screening, Buenos Aires: Internet, technology, and human rights

05 Apr 2016

On 7 April, ARTICLE 19 and the Asociación por…