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Privacy: Yes! But not at the ITU

16 Oct 2017

People are worried about their privacy. We are worried…


Wifi Standards need to address privacy and security

13 Oct 2017

As part of ARTICLE 19’s continuing efforts to…


EU fails to protect free speech online, again

05 Oct 2017

On 28 September 2017, the European Commission published…


OTTs at the ITU: A Case of Over the Top Mandate Expansion

27 Sep 2017

Last Wednesday, Saudi Arabia lifted its longtime ban…

image Country report

Tightening the Net: A New Cabinet and New Attempts at Control

18 Sep 2017

President Hassan Rouhani’s appointment of hardliners…


New EU legislation must not throttle online flows of information and ideas

12 Sep 2017

ARTICLE 19 is concerned about proposals in the revised…

Legal analysis

Germany: Act to Improve Enforcement of the Law on Social Networks undermines free expression

01 Sep 2017

In August 2017, ARTICLE 19 analysed the Act to Improve…


Germany: Repeal new law on “hate speech” and social networks

01 Sep 2017

ARTICLE 19 urges the German government to repeal the…

Legal analysis

Russia: ARTICLE 19 tells European Court website blocking violates freedom of expression

25 Aug 2017

ARTICLE 19 and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)…


Combating Censorship and Highlighting the Politics of Protocols at IETF99

18 Aug 2017

Last month, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)…


South Sudan: End blocking of online news sites

08 Aug 2017

ARTICLE 19 is concerned by the recent decision by South…

image Statement

Vietnam: Immediately free human rights blogger Tran Thi Nga

01 Aug 2017

ARTICLE 19 calls for the immediate and unconditional…


Malaysia: Immediately investigate death threats against human rights defender Siti Kasim

26 Jul 2017

ARTICLE 19 urges the Malaysian authorities to immediately,…


The Equustek case, explained

18 Jul 2017

Last week, the Supreme Court of Canada joined a growing…

image Statement

Vietnam: Free human rights blogger “Mother Mushroom”

04 Jul 2017

ARTICLE 19 urges the immediate release of human rights…


Canada: Supreme Court fails to protect freedom of expression beyond its borders

28 Jun 2017

Today, the Supreme Court of Canada handed down its…


ARTICLE 19 Statement Delivered to the 2017 WSIS Forum High-Level Policy Sessions

16 Jun 2017

Inclusiveness and Access to Information and Knowledge  On…

Policy brief

Getting Connected: New policy on freedom of expression, telcos and ISPs

14 Jun 2017

Today, at the 35th Session of the UN Human Rights Council,…


Human Rights and the SDGs: What the 2017 WSIS Forum Can Learn from UNHRC 35

12 Jun 2017

As the 2017 WSIS Forum kicks off today at the ITU headquarters…

image Statement

UN expert calls on Internet access providers to respect free expression

12 Jun 2017

ARTICLE 19 welcomes the report of the UN Special…


Myanmar: Release and drop charges against journalists and activist charged under Article 66(d)

07 Jun 2017

ARTICLE 19 urges the Myanmar authorities to release…

image Event

Side Event at UNHRC: Digital Access, Shutdowns and Surveillance

07 Jun 2017

Digital access, shutdowns, and surveillancePrivate…

image Statement

Ethiopia: Third Internet shutdown follows imprisonment of two human rights activists

06 Jun 2017

ARTICLE 19 condemns the ongoing internet shutdown in…


Rwanda: National Election Commission to censor candidates’ online campaign messages

05 Jun 2017

ARTICLE 19 is concerned by a new regulation by Rwanda’s…

image Statement

Iran: Re-elected administration must make rhetoric reality for free expression online

25 May 2017

Following his re-election for a second term in Iran’s…

image Country report

Tightening the Net: Online Freedoms in Iran Ahead of the 2017 Presidential Elections

11 May 2017

This report is the first in a series of quarterly briefings,…

image Update

Uganda: Academic and activist Stella Nyanzi released on bail for free speech charges

11 May 2017

ARTICLE 19 welcomes the news that after 33 days in…


Malaysia: Social Media Users Must Not Be Co-Opted to Censor Online Dissent

08 May 2017

ARTICLE 19 is concerned that a new “advisory…

Legal analysis

Germany: Draft Bill on Social Networks raises serious free expression concerns

26 Apr 2017

In April 2017, ARTICLE 19 analysed the Draft Bill on…

image Blog

Status Code 451: An Internet Governance Standard to Expose Censorship

20 Apr 2017

Sometimes a simple paragraph of computer code can help…

image Press release

Developing a Human Rights Impact Assessment Model for Internet Domain Registries

03 Apr 2017

ARTICLE 19, the Danish Institute for Human Rights,…

image Statement

Russia: Online dissent sparks mass protests

31 Mar 2017

On 26 March, Russia experienced the largest popular…

image Press release

Brazil: ARTICLE 19 condemns censorship of protest by Facebook

31 Mar 2017

ARTICLE 19 condemns the removal by Facebook of the…

image Blog

#InternetOfRights: Creating the Universal Declaration of Digital Rights

24 Mar 2017

WARNING: This blogpost is published for discussion…

image Blog

DOA for IoT at ITU-T Study Group 20: Dead on Arrival, or Return of the Living Dead?

22 Mar 2017

Last week, US Senior White House Adviser Kellyanne…


Media Development in the Digital Age

14 Mar 2017

A breaking headline in a tweet, a presidential inauguration…


Paraguay: Court must consider freedom of speech in gender-based online abuse case

13 Mar 2017

ARTICLE 19 calls on the Juvenile Court of Paraguay…

image Country report

Tightening the Net Part 2: The Soft War and Cyber Tactics in Iran

03 Feb 2017

Despite being one of the region’s leading cyberpowers,…

image Press release

Iran: How Iranian authorities have been fighting the ‘Soft War’ online

03 Feb 2017

Despite being one of the region’s leading cyberpowers,…

image Statement

Cameroon: ARTICLE 19 condemns internet shut downs

02 Feb 2017

ARTICLE 19 strongly condemns the ongoing Internet shut…

Press release

Tanzania: Popular website Jamii Forum’s office raided, staff arrested and detained

16 Dec 2016

The arrest on Tuesday of Maxence Melo, founder and…

image Special statement

IGF 2016 Civil Society Closing Speech

09 Dec 2016

The following statement was given by Paulina Gutierrez,…

image Policy brief

Freedom of Expression Unfiltered: How blocking and filtering affect free speech

08 Dec 2016

The Internet was designed to enable the free flow of…

image Press release

Freedom of Expression Unfiltered: New policy on blocking, filtering and free speech

08 Dec 2016

Today, at the Internet Governance Forum, ARTICLE 19…