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image Statement

Brazil: New Bill threatens existing environmental protections and rights of communities

15 Dec 2016

A new bill currently before the Brazilian Congress…

image Statement

Myanmar: Journalist investigating illegal logging killed

14 Dec 2016

ARTICLE 19 is extremely concerned about the death of…

image Country report

A Deadly Shade of Green: Threats against Environmental Rights Defenders in Latin America

09 Aug 2016

IntroductionLatin America is, by far, the most dangerous…

image Country report

Brazil: Murky waters and Olympic opacity

29 Jul 2016

In August, up to 1,400 athletes will be in sailing…

image Submission

Environmental Human Rights Defenders: risks and challenges

24 Jun 2016

ARTICLE 19 joined the Center for International Environmental…

image Statement

UNHRC 31: Resolution requires States to protect defenders of economic, social and cultural rights

01 Apr 2016

ARTICLE 19 welcomes the adoption by the UN Human Rights…

image Press release

Principle 10: ARTICLE 19 urges delegates to adopt a legally binding agreement

27 Oct 2015

ARTICLE 19 South America will join delegates from the…

image Press release

Brazil: Digital censorship of activist reaches two years

06 Mar 2015

Ricardo Fraga was forbidden by a Brazilian court to…

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ARTICLE 19 welcomes new regional environmental information agreement

07 Nov 2014

ARTICLE 19 welcomes the decision of a group of 19 countries…

image Update

Mexico: Yaqui tribe human rights defender detained

12 Sep 2014

ARTICLE 19 is concerned about the recent arrest of…

image Update

World Environment Day: the importance of ensuring access to information and freedom of expression

05 Jun 2014

World Environment Day provides an opportunity to shed…


European Development Bank: Backward Step on Rights

04 Mar 2014

Joint Statement by ARTICLE 19, Accountability Counsel,…

image Update

Bangladesh: Right to information + environment

06 Feb 2014

Freedom of expression and information are key in overcoming…


Brazil: Learning about the right to information on film

17 Oct 2013

ARTICLE 19 has been working with people in Brazil to…

image Update

The Right to Know: Rural communities, drought and water in Brazil

27 Sep 2013

ARTICLE 19 has been working with people in rural Brazil…

image Update

The Right to Know: Environmental protection in Bangladesh

27 Sep 2013

ARTICLE 19 has been working with people in Bangladesh…

image Press release

Brazil: Court approves ban on development protestor

21 May 2013

ARTICLE 19 is disappointed with the decision of a court…

image Press release

Kenya: Information is a key in the struggle for the right to water

28 Mar 2013

Access to information plays a vital role in securing…

image Statement

Enough food for everyone IF we force governments and big business to play fair

23 Jan 2013

Many governments and big businesses hide behind a veil…

image Statement

Rio+20 Summit: Positive highlights in overall unambitious document

26 Jun 2012

On 22 June, world leaders attending the United Nations…

image Update

ARTICLE 19 at Rio+20 earth summit

22 Jun 2012

ARTICLE 19 is campaigning for the right to free expression…

image Statement

Women of Expression

09 Mar 2012

On the occasion of International Women´s Day,…


Indonesia: Jakarta’s Water Agreement muddied by lack of transparency

06 Feb 2012

The lack of information on water privatisation in Jakarta…

image Update

Brazil: Development, yes! Freedom of expression violations, no!

09 Dec 2011

On International Human Rights Day, ARTICLE 19 highlights…

Country report

China: Freedom of information and the environment

07 Dec 2011

ForewordIt has been more than 60 years since the United…

image Statement

Senegal: Free flow of information integral to discussions on water privatisation

15 Nov 2011

The Senegalese government must do more to promote the…


Video: Principle 10 of Rio+20

04 Nov 2011

Film by Christoph Schwarte. For the original version,…

image Update

Rio+20: Incorporating Principle 10 and the right to information

02 Nov 2011

[Letter of submission to UNCSD Secretariat] The…

Press release

Rio 2012: International Transparency Convention & New Laws on Right to Information Needed

02 Nov 2011

One of the largest problems standing in the way of…


Event: Active citizens - responsive governments

23 Aug 2011

At Rio+20, there is a need to assess progress to date…

image Policy brief

Rio 2012: Moving from principles to rights

14 Jul 2011

The rights of access to information, public participation,…

image Country report

Access to Environmental Information in China: Evaluation of Local Compliance

16 Dec 2010

The Regulations of the People’s Republic of China…

Press release

Copenhagen: Voices of those Affected Ignored and Transparency Disregarded

22 Dec 2009

Press release on the outcome of the Copenhagen summit. See…

Policy brief

Changing the Climate for Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Information

09 Dec 2009

In this paper, ARTICLE 19 sets forth its position that…

Press release

Japan: Call for Release of Environmentalists

10 Jul 2008

Press release condemning the arrest and prolonged detention…

Press release

Burma: Access to Information Must be Enabled in Aftermath of Cyclone

08 May 2008

Press release urging the Burmese junta to respect and…