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Privacy: Yes! But not at the ITU

16 Oct 2017

People are worried about their privacy. We are worried…

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Event: Government hacking in Mexico

07 Sep 2017

Government hacking in Mexico and its international…


India: Supreme Court recognises the right to privacy

29 Aug 2017

ARTICLE 19 welcomes the 24 August judgment of the Supreme…

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#GobiernoEspía: Victims’ lawyers in Narvarte case targets of Pegasus spyware

09 Aug 2017

A new analysis by Citizen Lab, of the University of…

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Mexico: Investigate state wrongdoings, not watchdogs

23 Jun 2017

ARTICLE 19 is extremely concerned about yesterday’s…

Policy brief

Getting Connected: New policy on freedom of expression, telcos and ISPs

14 Jun 2017

Today, at the 35th Session of the UN Human Rights Council,…

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Uganda: SIM card registration requirements must respect fundamental rights

19 Apr 2017

As the seven day deadline for registration of all SIM…

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#InternetOfRights: Creating the Universal Declaration of Digital Rights

24 Mar 2017

WARNING: This blogpost is published for discussion…

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DOA for IoT at ITU-T Study Group 20: Dead on Arrival, or Return of the Living Dead?

22 Mar 2017

Last week, US Senior White House Adviser Kellyanne…

Press release

Tanzania: Cybercrimes Act upheld in further blow to free expression

15 Mar 2017

ARTICLE 19 is disappointed by the High Court of Tanzania’s…

Policy brief

The Global Principles on Protection of Freedom of Expression and Privacy

07 Mar 2017

Freedom of expression and privacy are mutually reinforcing…

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ARTICLE 19 launches Global Principles on Freedom of Expression and Privacy

07 Mar 2017

7 March 2017, Geneva: Today, at a side event to the…

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ARTICLE 19 at the UN #HRC34: What is at Stake for Free Expression?

26 Feb 2017

Today, 27 February, the UN Human Rights Council begins…


Brazil: New study analyses bills on personal data regulation

01 Feb 2017

ARTICLE 19 South America today launched a new study…

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Corporate actors must not facilitate human rights violations through new Chinese rules

02 Dec 2016

Recent efforts by Verisign at the Internet Corporation…

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UK: New surveillance law sets dangerous global precedent

18 Nov 2016

The UK Parliament has passed the Investigatory Powers…

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Germany: New law enabling surveillance of foreign citizens threatens freedom of expression

05 Aug 2016

ARTICLE 19 calls upon the German ruling coalition to…

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CONSULTATION OPEN: Principles on Privacy and Freedom of Expression

31 May 2016


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Brazil: From Cyber Security to Cyber War

10 Mar 2016

From Cyber Security to Cyber War - the development…


UNHRC 31: ARTICLE 19 welcomes UN privacy watchdog’s first report

10 Mar 2016

At the 31st session of the UN Human Rights Council…

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Brazil: Imprisonment of Facebook executive was disproportionate

03 Mar 2016

The Vice President of Facebook for Latin America, Diego…

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ARTICLE 19 at the UN #HRC31: what is at stake for free expression?

01 Mar 2016

This week, the UN Human Rights Council (HRC)…

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UK: Investigatory Powers Bill needs redraft, not review

11 Feb 2016

Following the publication of report by the Joint Committee…


Messaging Apps: Risk awareness and protecting communications

11 Feb 2016

ARTICLE 19 recently published a sticker pack for Telegram…

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UK: Investigatory Powers Bill – Rights Protections Illusory

04 Nov 2015

Today, on 4 November 2015, UK Home Secretary Theresa…

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France: Draft Mass Surveillance Bill fails to protect privacy rights

30 Sep 2015

ARTICLE 19, along with numerous civil rights groups,…

image Country report

Computer Crimes in Iran: Risky Online Behaviour

02 Jul 2015

What is the correlation between the online and offline…

image Advocacy letter

UK: Open Letter to Foreign Secretary regarding Surveillance of Rights Groups

01 Jul 2015

UPDATE: Since this letter was sent, it has been revealed…

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Surveillance State: What do Anonymity and Encryption mean for the UK?

01 Jul 2015

On Friday 26 June, ARTICLE 19 brought together two…

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UK: Cameron must not ignore surveillance recommendations

11 Jun 2015

This morning, the much-anticipated report by David…

Legal analysis

Pakistan: New Cybercrime Bill Threatens the Rights to Privacy and Free Expression

20 Apr 2015

ARTICLE 19 and Digital Rights Foundation Pakistan have…

image Statement

Pakistan: New Cybercrime Bill Threatens the Rights to Privacy and Free Expression

20 Apr 2015

Joint Statement from Article 19, Human Rights Watch,…

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UNHRC: Requirements for new Special Rapporteur on the right to privacy

09 Apr 2015

ARTICLE 19, along with Amnesty International, Privacy…

image Statement

UN HRC creates Special Rapporteur on the Right to Privacy

26 Mar 2015

ARTICLE 19 welcomes the creation of a Special Rapporteur…

image Statement

Special Rapporteur on privacy is urgently needed

13 Mar 2015

ARTICLE 19 joins with 91 other civil society organisations…

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ARTICLE 19 responds to Intelligence and Security Committee Report

12 Mar 2015

Thomas Hughes Executive Director of ARTICLE19 said:“While…

image Submission

ARTICLE 19 to UN Watchdog: Online Anonymity and Encryption Must Be Protected

18 Feb 2015

In February 2015, ARTICLE 19 responded to the UN Special…

Advocacy letter

Establish a UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Privacy

05 Feb 2015

The undersigned organisations, a coalition of international…

image Statement

UK: Cracking down on end-to-end encryption threatens free expression and right to privacy

13 Jan 2015

ARTICLE 19 have released this statement following UK…

image Statement

UN General Assembly must adopt strong resolution on right to privacy in the digital age

04 Nov 2014

ARTICLE 19 has joined 10 leading human rights organisations*…

image Press release

UK: Journalist sources must be protected

06 Oct 2014

Thomas Hughes, Executive Director of ARTICLE 19 said…


UNHRC: Oral statement on freedom of expression in the digital age

12 Sep 2014

Article 19 delivered the following oral statement to…

image Update

UNHRC: “Free Expression Contingent Upon Privacy”

12 Sep 2014

During a debate on ‘privacy in the digital age’…


UNHRC: Joint Statement on Privacy in the Digital Age

12 Sep 2014

This week’s discussion of the report on surveillance…

Legal analysis

Kenya: Cybercrime and Computer Related Crimes Bill

14 Aug 2014

In July 2014, ARTICLE 19 analysed the first draft of…

image Update

Net neutrality: Join a party to defend the internet

04 Aug 2014

Protecting the plurality and diversity of information…