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EU fails to protect free speech online, again

05 Oct 2017

On 28 September 2017, the European Commission published…

image Country report

Tightening the Net: A New Cabinet and New Attempts at Control

18 Sep 2017

President Hassan Rouhani’s appointment of hardliners…

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Tightening the Net Part 2: The Soft War and Cyber Tactics in Iran

03 Feb 2017

Despite being one of the region’s leading cyberpowers,…

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Iran: How Iranian authorities have been fighting the ‘Soft War’ online

03 Feb 2017

Despite being one of the region’s leading cyberpowers,…

Legal analysis

Pakistan: An Analysis of the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2015

20 Jun 2016

ARTICLE 19, Privacy International and Digital Rights…

image Statement

Japan: Political threats to media freedom undermine the cornerstone of democracy

19 Apr 2016

As the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression…

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France: Website blocking undermines freedom of expression

16 Feb 2016

The French Conseil d'Etat found lawful a system of…

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Myanmar: Facebook arrests violate International Law

22 Oct 2015

UPDATE:It was reported today, 23 November, that the…

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Bangladesh: Another victim of the ICT Act - Mohon Mondal detained

21 Oct 2015

ARTICLE 19 condemns the arrest and detention of Mohon…

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Turkey: Government must protect Protest and Debate after Ankara Attack

12 Oct 2015

Following bomb attacks on a peace rally in Ankara,…

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Turkey: Government must protect Protest and Debate after Ankara Attack

12 Oct 2015

ARTICLE 19 condemns the 10 October bomb attack in Ankara…

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Malaysia: Crackdown on independent voices must end

04 Aug 2015

ARTICLE 19 calls on the Malaysian government to restore…

image Update

Europe: European Court confirms Delfi Decision in Blow to Online Freedom

16 Jun 2015

Today, the Grand Chamber of the European Court issued…

image Blog

Broken Pens and Missing Pieces – the Effects of Censorship

27 Feb 2015

"Censorship is the mother of metaphor” - Jorge…


Kenya: Film regulator bans screening of Fifty Shades of Grey

13 Feb 2015

The recent ban of the film, Fifty Shades of Grey, by…

image Update

Trans-Pacific Partnership: An attack on freedom of expression online

15 Nov 2013

Earlier this week Wikileaks released a draft chapter…

image Statement

Pakistan: Network level filtering must go

23 Aug 2013

ARTICLE 19 is deeply concerned by reports that the…

image Press release

ARTICLE 19 unveils a practical guide for dealing with cases of incitement to hatred

03 Dec 2012

When does speaking freely become incitement to hatred?…


Malaysia: Zunar’s London exhibition,“To Fight through Cartoon” opens to a sold-out crowd

16 Feb 2012

Acclaimed Malaysian political cartoonist Zunar (née…

Legal analysis

Nepal: Content Restrictions (Background Paper)

28 Jan 2008

Background paper on content restrictions, produced…


Altan v. Turkey

14 May 2002

Theme:Other content restrictionsSub-Issues:National…


Little Sisters Book and Art Emporium v. Canada (Minister of Justice)

01 Jan 2000

Theme:Other content restrictionsSub-Issues:Obscenity;…


Japan v. Kanemoto et al. ("The Kanemoto Pamphlet Case")

15 Jun 1965

Theme: Other content restrictions Sub-Issues: Public…