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image Statement

Iran: End arbitrary detention of media charity worker Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe

12 Oct 2017

ARTICLE 19 strongly condemns new charges brought against…

Legal analysis

Iran: Review of the Publication and Free Access to Information Act 2009

28 Sep 2017

In this analysis, ARTICLE 19 reviews Iran’s Publication…

image Blog

Iran: The long road to transparency

28 Sep 2017

A draft bill for Iran’s first Freedom of Information…


Iran: Backsliding on UN Free Expression Commitments

19 Sep 2017

In this Universal Periodic Review (UPR) midterm report,…

image Country report

Tightening the Net: A New Cabinet and New Attempts at Control

18 Sep 2017

President Hassan Rouhani’s appointment of hardliners…

image Country report

Tightening the Net: Online Freedoms in Iran Following Rouhani’s Reelection

17 Jul 2017

This briefing explores some of the developments and…

image Statement

Iran: Re-elected administration must make rhetoric reality for free expression online

25 May 2017

Following his re-election for a second term in Iran’s…

image Country report

Tightening the Net: Online Freedoms in Iran Ahead of the 2017 Presidential Elections

11 May 2017

This report is the first in a series of quarterly briefings,…

image Blog

Iran: Death sentence imposed on Sina Dehghan is an affront to Iran’s own criminal code.

29 Mar 2017

In January this year the Iranian authorities charged…

image Statement

UN HRC: Mandate of Special Rapporteur on Iran extended with increased support

24 Mar 2017

ARTICLE 19 welcomes the adoption by the UN Human Rights…

image Advocacy letter

Joint letter on UN HRC34 resolution on Iran

17 Mar 2017

Your Excellency, We, the undersigned cross-regional…

image Statement

Iran: Arrests and Intimidation of Telegram Administrators and Journalists Ahead of the Elections

17 Mar 2017

ARTICLE 19 is concerned at the increasing crackdown…

image Statement

Iran: Repression of those seeking truth and justice for 1980s killings needs to stop

16 Mar 2017

The Iranian authorities should stop the harassment,…

image Statement

UN HRC must continue freedom of expression scrutiny on Iran

07 Mar 2017

ARTICLE 19 welcomes the report the UN Special Rapporteur…

image Update

ARTICLE 19 at the UN #HRC34: What is at Stake for Free Expression?

26 Feb 2017

Today, 27 February, the UN Human Rights Council begins…

image Country report

Tightening the Net Part 2: The Soft War and Cyber Tactics in Iran

03 Feb 2017

Despite being one of the region’s leading cyberpowers,…

image Press release

Iran: How Iranian authorities have been fighting the ‘Soft War’ online

03 Feb 2017

Despite being one of the region’s leading cyberpowers,…

image Advocacy letter

Iran: UNGA Resolution sends vital message on human rights concerns

13 Dec 2016

To: Member States of the United Nations General Assembly Your…

Press release

Iran: Zaghari-Ratcliffe sentenced to 5 years imprisonment on secret charges

12 Sep 2016

ARTICLE 19 is extremely concerned by the five year…

Advocacy letter

Iran: Execution of Kurdish Prisoners must stop immediately

15 Aug 2016

Rights groups condemn recent execution of Kurdish prisoners…

image Special statement

Opening Soon? Iran’s Internet Laundrette

02 Aug 2016


image Blog

What You Should Know about the Smartphone Revolution in Iran

09 Jun 2016

Technological advances have the potential to transform…

image Press release

Iran: British Iranian arbitrarily arrested and detained in solitary confinement

10 May 2016

ARTICLE 19 is extremely concerned by the arbitrary…

image Blog

Minding the Gap: Mapping the needs of Human Rights Defenders in Exile

15 Apr 2016

ARTICLE19 has created a new interactive map to illustrate…

image Press release

Tightening the Net: Iran's National Internet Project

29 Mar 2016

Today, ARTICLE 19 launches part one of the Tightening…

image Country report

Tightening the Net: Iran's National Internet Project

29 Mar 2016

Today, ARTICLE 19 is launching the first part of the…

image Statement

UNHRC 31: Iran Special Rapporteur mandate extended

24 Mar 2016

ARTICLE 19 welcomes the adoption by the Human Rights…

image Press release

Iropoly: Can you win at the game of digital security?

22 Mar 2016

Today, ARTICLE 19 launches Iropoly, a brand-new video…

image Advocacy letter

Joint Letter from the civil society on the Renewal of SR Mandate on Iran at HRC31

16 Mar 2016

March 16, 2016                                                                          To:…

image Special statement

Internet Legislation Atlas: Mapping freedom of expression online

26 Feb 2016

The advent of the Internet has raised many issues around…

image Statement

Iran: Arbitrary detention of opposition leaders must end

12 Feb 2016

ARTICLE 19 demands that the Iranian authorities end…

image Statement

Iran: Release of Jason Rezaian welcome, but international pressure must remain

19 Jan 2016

ARTICLE 19 welcomes the release of Washington Post…

image Statement

Iran: Privacy and censorship fears around Telegram messaging app

18 Nov 2015

There are emerging concerns about privacy and government…

image Advocacy letter

UN General Assembly: Member states urged to support Human Rights in Iran

13 Nov 2015

ARTICLE 19 has signed a joint letter calling upon UN…

image Press release

Iran: Exiled but not silenced - Human Rights Defenders in the Diaspora

09 Nov 2015

ARTICLE 19 has launched a new report on the Human Rights…

image Blog

Exiled but not silenced: Listening to the Human Rights Defenders of the Iranian Diaspora

09 Nov 2015

January 2015, I sat in a dimly lit cafe in central…


Iran: Reports of an intensifying crackdown

06 Nov 2015

Over the last week, unsettling reports have emerged…

image Press release

Iran: Jason Rezaian sentenced in unacceptable violation of due process

16 Oct 2015

ARTICLE 19 is concerned by the basic disregard of due…

image Blog

Online Security: Who needs it?

08 Oct 2015

“Why is it important to address online security…

image Statement

Iran: Detained internet entrepreneur must be released

17 Sep 2015

ARTICLE 19 urges the Iranian government to immediately…

image Submission

UNHRC: Oral Statement on detention of Jason Rezaian

15 Sep 2015

On 15th September, Ali Rezaian made an oral…

image Guest article

The Organised Suppression of Kurdish Journalists in Iran

19 Aug 2015

It has been nearly 120 years since the first Kurdish…


Iropoly: What are the online behaviours that are landing Iranian online activists in jail?

02 Jul 2015

What are the online behaviours that are landing Iranian…

image Country report

Computer Crimes in Iran: Risky Online Behaviour

02 Jul 2015

What is the correlation between the online and offline…

image Blog

Iran: We Must Protect the Right to Artistic Expression

23 Jun 2015

#JeSuisAtena Watching Atena Farghadani describe the…

image Statement

Iran Must Release Iranian-Canadian TV Producer Mostfa Azizi

15 Jun 2015

ARTICLE 19 continues to call for the immediate release…

image Guest article

Repressing Protests in Mahabad; An Example of Violating Freedom of Expression in Iran

12 Jun 2015

Article 23 of the Iranian constitution forbids the…

image Guest article

The State of Surveillance in Iran’s Cyberspace

14 May 2015

Iranian Internet users and Iranian authorities remain…