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image Statement

Egypt: Crackdown on LGBTQI people and their supporters must stop

06 Oct 2017

ARTICLE 19 strongly condemns the arrests of people…


Egypt: Blocking news websites violates the constitution and international obligations

30 May 2017

ARTICLE 19 is concerned by the unprecedented situation…

image Statement

Egypt's Draft NGO Law Dismantles Civil Society

24 Nov 2016

59 organisations call on the Egyptian government to…

Press release

Egypt: Court orders freezing of assets of prominent human rights defenders

19 Sep 2016

On 17 September an Egyptian court upheld an order of…

image Advocacy letter

Egypt: Cease harassing Women's human rights defender Mozn Hassan

21 Jul 2016

ARTICLE 19 joined the Women Human Rights Defenders…

image Statement

Egypt: Mohamed Nagi and 151 other protesters must be released with convictions quashed

20 May 2016

ARTICLE 19 condemns the convictions and harsh sentences…

image Statement

Egypt: Unprecedented crackdown on NGOs

23 Mar 2016

In recent weeks, the Egyptian authorities have summoned…

image Statement

UNHRC 31: Joint statement on Egypt and civil society space

22 Mar 2016

ARTICLE 19 and five other organisations made a joint…

image Special statement

Internet Legislation Atlas: Mapping freedom of expression online

26 Feb 2016

The advent of the Internet has raised many issues around…

image Statement

Egypt: Sentencing of Author Ahmed Naji to two years in prison violates freedom of expression

22 Feb 2016

On Saturday 20 February, the Egyptian author Ahmed…

image Update

Egypt: Military arrest Hossam Baghat in clear attack on journalistic freedom

09 Nov 2015

UPDATE: Hossam Baghat was released on 10 November,…

image Press release

Egypt: Presidential pardon is an inadequate step towards freedom of expression

23 Sep 2015

Egyptian President al-Sisi’s decree, given this…

image Statement

Egypt: President Sisi must pardon Al Jazeera Journalists

01 Sep 2015

ARTICLE 19 condemns the guilty verdict handed to Al…

image Press release

Egypt: Charges against Al Jazeera journalists must be dropped

27 Jul 2015

UPDATE:On the due date of the verdict, the Egyptian…

image Statement

Egypt: Legal analysis of Telecommunications Law

14 May 2015

The Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression…

image Statement

Egypt: UPR calls for end to crackdown on protest and civil society

20 Mar 2015

ARTICLE 19 and the Association for Free Thought and…

image Statement

Egypt: Al Jazeera journalists released on bail

12 Feb 2015

Commenting on the release of Al Jazeera journalists…

image Update

Egypt: Al Jazeera journalist Peter Greste released while colleagues remain in jail

02 Feb 2015

Al Jazeera journalist Peter Greste has been released…

image Statement

Egypt: ARTICLE 19 condemn deaths after clashes between police and protesters

26 Jan 2015

ARTICLE 19 is shocked at reports that 23 people have…

image Statement

Break the Silence: Campaign for Jailed Human Rights Activists

10 Dec 2014

Today, on Human Rights Day, we remind the world of…

image Country report

Egypt: News websites and alternative voices

26 Nov 2014

In a country deeply polarized after three years of…

image Press release

Egypt: Dissolution Ultimatum for Independent Groups

30 Aug 2014

Independent organizations in Egypt face a looming crackdown,…

image Press release

Egypt: Jazeera decision symptomatic of wider crackdown

23 Jun 2014

Commenting on today's Al Jazeera verdict, Thomas Hughes,…

image Statement

Joint Statement: The Detention of Al Jazeera Journalists

07 Apr 2014

Today marks 100 days since the arrest and detention…


ARTICLE 19 Individual Submission to the UPR of Egypt

15 Mar 2014

For consideration at the 20th session of the UN Working…

Legal analysis

Egypt: Draft Constitution December 2013

09 Jan 2014

In January 2014, ARTICLE 19 analysed Draft Constitution…

image Update

Artist Alert: November 2013

05 Dec 2013

Art, in any form, constitutes a key medium through…

Legal analysis

Egypt: Proposed amendments to the Constitution

24 Oct 2013

In October 2013, ARTICLE 19 analysed the Draft Proposed…

Press release

Egypt: Prison sentence for insulting president removed but further reform needed

08 Aug 2013

ARTICLE 19 welcomes a new presidential decree that…

image Press release

Egypt: Excessive use of force against protesters

29 Jul 2013

ARTICLE 19 is alarmed by the violence against protesters…

image Press release

Egypt: Prison sentences against 43 activists condemned

06 Jun 2013

On 4 June 2013, the Cairo Criminal Court sentenced…

image Update

Artist Alert: March 2013

11 Apr 2013

Art, in any form, constitutes a key medium through…

image Press release

Egypt: New legislation must protect free speech, not restrict it

25 Feb 2013

ARTICLE 19 expresses its deepest concerns about a new…

Legal analysis

Egypt: Law Relating to the Regulation of the Right to Demonstrate in Public Spaces

25 Feb 2013

In this analysis, ARTICLE 19 finds that the Draft Law…

image Update

Act now to end impunity in Egypt: Ramy Esam

05 Nov 2012

During the months leading up to the fall of Egyptian…

Legal analysis

Egypt: Protecting free expression and information in new constitution

09 May 2012

The new Constitution of Egypt is on the verge of being…

image Statement

Egypt: About the crackdown on civil society

14 Feb 2012

The Egyptian revolution was hailed internationally…

image Statement

INGOs deeply concerned about crackdown on civil society in Egypt

06 Feb 2012

Leading international non-governmental organizations…

image Press release

Extraordinary Historical Moment and Opportunity for Egypt

11 Feb 2011

London, 11.02.2011: As Hosni Mubarak’s resignation…

Advocacy letter

International Community Must Ensure Rights of Egyptians are Upheld

01 Feb 2011

See the full text at:

Press release

Egypt: ARTICLE 19 Provides Submission to Universal Periodic Review

02 Sep 2009

Yesterday, ARTICLE 19 provided a Submission outlining…


Egypt: ARTICLE 19 and the Justice Initiative Submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review

02 Sep 2009

This submission outlines ARTICLE 19 and Justice Initiative’s…