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image Statement

Myanmar: Failure to condemn atrocity crimes and hate speech fanning flames of crisis in Rakhine

29 Sep 2017

As violence and displacement continues in Myanmar’s…

Legal analysis

Myanmar: Draft Interfaith Harmonious Coexistence Bill continues to endanger fundamental rights

07 Sep 2017

In this analysis, ARTICLE 19 reviews the third version…

image Statement

Myanmar: Proposed changes to Telecommunications Law fail to protect free expression

13 Jul 2017

ARTICLE 19 finds that the recently proposed revisions…

image Statement

Myanmar: Release journalists charged for reporting in armed conflict area

28 Jun 2017

ARTICLE 19 calls for the immediate release and dropping…


Myanmar: Release and drop charges against journalists and activist charged under Article 66(d)

07 Jun 2017

ARTICLE 19 urges the Myanmar authorities to release…

Legal analysis

Myanmar: Telecommunications Law

09 Mar 2017

In March 2017, ARTICLE 19 analysed the Telecommunications…

image Update

Myanmar: UN HRC must maintain scrutiny on free expression situation

06 Mar 2017

 ARTICLE 19 welcomes the report of the UN Special…

image Update

ARTICLE 19 at the UN #HRC34: What is at Stake for Free Expression?

26 Feb 2017

Today, 27 February, the UN Human Rights Council begins…

image Statement

Myanmar: Journalist reporting on illegal logging and corruption facing threats and harassment

18 Feb 2017

ARTICLE 19 is concerned about continued harassment…

image Update

Myanmar: ARTICLE 19 Condemns Killing of Senior Muslim NLD Lawyer and Pro-Democracy Advocate U Ko Ni

30 Jan 2017

ARTICLE 19 condemns the killing of U Ko Ni, a senior…

image Statement

Myanmar: Journalist investigating illegal logging killed

14 Dec 2016

ARTICLE 19 is extremely concerned about the death of…

image Statement

Myanmar: End crackdown on women and journalists reporting on sexual violence allegations

18 Nov 2016

ARTICLE 19 is concerned by the ongoing crackdown against…

image Statement

Myanmar: Media survey shows demand for continued reform

14 Nov 2016

A new survey of Myanmar journalists, carried out by…

image Statement

Myanmar: UN decides imprisonment of Saffron Revolution leader Gambira contravenes UDHR

04 Nov 2016

On 3 November 2016, the UN Working Group on Arbitrary…

Legal analysis

Myanmar: Draft Interfaith Harmonious Coexistence Law

31 Oct 2016

In October 2016, ARTICLE 19 analysed the draft Interfaith…

image Statement

Myanmar: United Nations General Assembly resolution is still needed

01 Sep 2016

ALTSEAN-Burma, Amnesty International, ARTICLE 19, Civil…


Myanmar: Welcome proposal to abolish repressive emergency law

26 Aug 2016

ARTICLE 19 welcomes a new bill to repeal the Emergency…

image Press release

Myanmar: Prosecutors should drop Mizzima online defamation case

28 Jun 2016

ARTICLE 19 is seriously concerned by the newly-elected…

Legal analysis

Myanmar: Peaceful Assembly and Peaceful Procession Bill

16 May 2016

Executive SummaryARTICLE 19 welcomes the newly elected…

image Press release

Myanmar: Draft right to information law needs adequate public consultation

17 Mar 2016

ARTICLE 19 calls on the incoming Myanmar government…


Myanmar: Calls for meaningful reform in oral statement during UN Universal Periodic Review

17 Mar 2016

ARTICLE 19 welcomes Myanmar’s engagement in the…


UNHRC 31: Freedom of expression and the new government in Myanmar

15 Mar 2016

ARTICLE 19 welcomes the report of Yanghee Lee, the…


Myanmar: Imprisoning Than Than Maw worsens gender-based violation of free expression

26 Feb 2016

ARTICLE 19 condemns the extended trial, and illegitimate…

image Advocacy letter

Myanmar: Special Rapporteur for Myanmar's mandate must be extended

25 Feb 2016

ARTICLE 19 has joined over 100 organisations in calling…


Myanmar: Journalists recommend new government decriminalise expression

05 Jan 2016

A survey of Myanmar journalists and media workers at…


Activist Interview: Robert San Aung, human rights lawyer in Myanmar

09 Dec 2015

How would you rate the general status of freedom of…

image Legal analysis

Legal Analysis: The Myanmar Law on Broadcasting

20 Nov 2015

EXECUTIVE SUMMARYMyanmar’s newly adopted Broadcasting…

image Statement

Myanmar: Facebook arrests violate International Law

22 Oct 2015

UPDATE:It was reported today, 23 November, that the…

image Policy brief

Asia: The Right to Know Principles

28 Sep 2015

These Principles were originally developed in 1999,…

image Statement

Myanmar: Government’s handling of Par Gyi criticised at UN HRC

18 Sep 2015

Today, Myanmar’s government was criticised inside…

image Statement

Myanmar: Ministry’s internet plan needs more safeguards for regulator independence

15 Sep 2015

ARTICLE 19 urges the government of Myanmar to strengthen…

image Statement

Myanmar: National Human Rights Commission and UN urge justice for student protesters

14 Sep 2015

ARTICLE 19 welcomes calls from Myanmar’s National…

image Country report

Country Report: Censored gender

30 Jun 2015

ARTICLE 19 launches its report Women in Myanmar today.…

Press release

Myanmar: Punishment for speaking out is worse for women, new report says

30 Jun 2015

A new report published today finds that those women…


ARTICLE 19, MJA, MJU and MJN Joint Submission to UPR of Myanmar

23 Mar 2015

ARTICLE 19, MJA, MJU and MJN welcome the opportunity…


UNHRC: Oral statement on free expression and elections on Myanmar

16 Mar 2015

ARTICLE 19 delivered the following joint oral statement to…

image Statement

Myanmar: Crackdown on protests shows Special Rapporteur still needed

11 Mar 2015

The excessive violence used against peaceful protesters…

image Statement

UNHRC: UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders urges to end impunity

09 Mar 2015

ARTICLE 19 welcomes the report of the Special Rapporteur…

image Statement

UNHRC: UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders urges to end impunity

09 Mar 2015

ARTICLE 19 welcomes the report of the Special Rapporteur…


Myanmar: UN High Commissioner for Human Rights statement ahead of elections

25 Feb 2015

“We welcome the statement of the UN High Commissioner…

image Legal analysis

Myanmar: Printing and Publishing Law

11 Nov 2014

In 2014, ARTICLE 19 analysed the 2014 Printing and…

image Country report

Myanmar: Free expression, media freedom and 2015 elections

01 Oct 2014

It is recognised everywhere that the media play a vital…

Legal analysis

Myanmar: Amended Right to Peaceful Assembly and Peaceful Procession Law

22 Aug 2014

On 24 June 2014, following months of campaigning by…

image Country report

Background paper on freedom of expression in Myanmar

23 Jul 2014

The book looks at the key laws in Myanmar that…

image Country report

Guide to advocacy on freedom of expression in Myanmar

23 Jul 2014

The People’s Coalition for Free Expression brings…

image Country report

Beginners’ guide to freedom of expression laws for Myanmar

23 Jul 2014

ARTICLE 19 launched this beginners’ guide as…

image Country report

Beginners’ guide to content restriction for Myanmar

23 Jul 2014

ARTICLE 19 launched this beginners’ guide as…

image Legal analysis

Myanmar: News Media Law

18 Jul 2014

This analysis examines the compliance of the 2014 News…