ARTICLE 19 at Rio+20 earth summit

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22 Jun 2012



ARTICLE 19 is campaigning for the right to free expression and information to be central to the Rio+20 earth summit declaration.

The rights to information, public participation, and access to justice are essential to sustainable development. The 1992 Rio earth summit Declaration fostered these rights in Principle 10. Now renewed commitment is needed for the full recognition of the rights in all countries.

Rio+20 provides an opportunity for governments to transform Principle 10 from aspirational goals into actionable rights. In particular, the Outcome Document should include strong commitments from all nations to improve their legal structures on national environmental governance based on Principle 10 and the Bali Guidelines, agree to the development of an international instrument giving legal force to Principle 10 based on the Aarhus Convention, and ensure that the principles are incorporated into all UN bodies decision-making processes.

Senior legal advisor, Dave Banisar is at Rio+20 alongside our South Asia director, Tahmina Rahman, who is coming as part of Bangladesh's delegation, and our South American director, Paula Martins, who runs our Brazil office.

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