Mexico and Central America

Ana Cristina Ruelas Serna

Director, ARTICLE 19 Mexico and Central America

Ana Cristina is ARTICLE 19 Mexico and Central America's regional director since May 2016 and a columnist for Previously, she served as the office's Right to Information Program Officer, spearheading the development of projects related to access to information for development. Ana Crsitina has worked in the Right to Information office of Mexico's National Commission for Human Rights and has a vast experience collaborating in various human rights organizations both in Mexico and Peru. She is a lawyer and holds a Master's Degree in Public Administration and Public Policy from the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superior de Monterrey.


Verónica Rivera Bedolla

Assistant to Regional Director


Verónica is assistant to ARTICLE 19 Mexico and Central America's regional director. She holds a degree in International Relations from the Faculty of Higher Studies Acatlán (UNAM) where she specialized in International Scenarios and a Diploma in Public Security from UNAM. She volunteered during the 2006 International Water Forum and the 62nd Annual DPI / NGO Conference: "Disarm Now! Let's Work for Peace and Development.


Kathleen Budd

Fundraising Officer


Kathleen leads ARTICLE 19 Mexico and Central America office's fundraising, compliance and M&E efforts since June 2015. Prior to joining the organization, Kathleen worked in Mexico as a reporter and consultant. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Journalism from the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superior de Monterrey in Mexico and a Master's degree in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action from Sciences Po Univeristy, in France.


Administration Team

Dulce María Ramírez

Financial Officer


Dulce has a Bachelor of bussines administration from Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana. She has over 12 years experience working in management enterprises. She has worked new policies and procedures as well as managment systems in companies. She joined ARTICLE 19 in October 2009.

Araceli Rosas



Araceli Rosas is a Chartered Accountant from Instituto Politecnico Nacional, she has worked in the private and charity sector. She has extensive experience, and is constantly updating her knowledge in the accounting and tax fields. She joined ARTICLE 19 in October 2013.

Elizabeth Pérez

Accountant Jr


Elizabeth is a Chartered Accountant from Instituto Politécnico Nacional.  She has over 7 years experience in Economic, Management and Accounting. She worked in a variety of financial accounting. She joined ARTICLE 19 in December 2015.

Evelynn León



She has over 6 years experience in Managment and Accounting. She is a Bachelor of Industrial administration from Instituto Politécnico Nacional. She joined ARTICLE 19 in Februay 2014 and she works on treasury issues.

Daniel Lopez

Finance assistant


He joined ARTICLE19 in december 2014. He has worked in a variety of administrative support roles.


Protection and Defense Programme

Leopoldo Maldonado

Officer of the Protection and Defense Programme


He holds a BA Degree in Law and a Master's Degree in Human Rights from the Universidad Iberoamericana. He has collaborated as attorney in the Centro de Derechos Humanos Miguel Agustin Pro (Centro Prodh). He worked as researcher on human rights and inmigration topics in the Universidad Iberomericana.

Sandra Patargo

Deputy Officer of the Protection and Defense Programme


She holds a degree in International Relations from Universidad Iberoamericana and a Master's Degree in International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). She has collaborated in projects on human rights, development and humanitarian issues in institutions and organisations such as the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH), the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) and Transparencia Mexicana. She recently held the position of Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression of the Human Rights Commission of Mexico City (CDHDF). She was part of the student movement #YoSoy132 and founded with more members of the movement the alternative media outlet Más than 131.

Erick Monterrosas

Deputy Officer of the Protection and Defense Programme


Erick holds a cum laude MA in Theory and Practice of Human Rights from the University of Essex. Since 2009, has extensively collaborated in diverse projects of human rights with NGOs and academic institutions from Latin America, United States, United Kingdom and Germany. Prior to joining Article19, Erick worked for the projects “Navigating Risk, Managing Security and Receiving Support: A Study of Human Rights Defenders in Colombia, Mexico, Kenya, Egypt and Indonesia” for the Centre for Applied Human Rights, University of York as well as for the Hollistic Security initiative leaded by the Tactical Technology Collective.

Itzia Miravete Veraza

Assistant of the Protection and Defense Programme


Itzia is a lawyer, who graduated from the Law school of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). She is making a postgraduate study of Human Rights at the same university. She has participated in several proyects connected to the protection of human rights. Since the year 2012 she raise the Centro de Derechos Humanos Zeferino Ladrillero (CDHZL), an NGO that dedicates their job to defend and protec the indigenous people in the México state. Also she especializes in the attention of the victims of the forced dissappearance problem in her country.

Julio César Colín Paredes

Assistant of the Protection and Defense Programme


Went to college at Universidad Iberoamericana to become a political scientist but his path led him toward human rights defense. First as a volunteer, later as a member of the Protection and Defense department of ARTICLE 19, Julio has had the opportunity to involve in operational matters, documentation and attention to victims, all at the same time. In the years to come, he hopes to keep learning from his teammates to effectively generate and impact to end the threats and dangers of the exercise of freedom of expression in Mexico.

Luis Knapp

Assistant of the Protection and Defense Programme


B.A. in Law at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Has accomplished profesional practice at the Fifth Reappourture of the Comisión de Derechos Humanos del Distrito Federal. His experience field are mechanisms of protection of Human Rights, specially Juicio de Amparo, a mexican judicial remedy to protect human rights. Nowadays works as general attorney at Article 19 at the Office of Mexico, under its Protection and Legal Program. His main duties are giving special conferences about freedom of expression and its protection under mexican law. He is in charge of internal codification of the development of international standards on freedom of speech and protection of human rights.

Diego Martinez

Assistant of the Protection and Defense Programme


B.A. in Law at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Has been working as an attorney during six years, in the  following fields: Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Civil Law, Family Law and Labour Law at different firms.  Nowadays works as paralegal at Article 19, at the Office for Mexico. His main duties are monitoring trials and legal aspects of cases that have being brought before mexican mechanisms of protection of human rights, and Judicial Tribunals. He is encharged of the research of information bout any aggression committed against journalists and freedom of speech in Mexico.


Right to Information Programme

Ricardo Luévano

Right to Information Programme Officer


He carried out different activities in el Colegio de México (COLMEX), the National Institute for Public Health (INSP) and the Centro Victoria de Derechos Humanos as well as being in charge of different foundations.  He studied International Relations and received a Master's Degree in Human Rights by the Latin American Faculty of Social Science (FLACSO) based in Mexico.  His work and texts have contributed to different fields like access to information, transparency public policies, personal data protection, historical archive, public designations, open government, human rights interdependency and is in charge of the National Index of guarantor bodies for the Right of Access to information Mexico.  @rickluev is his twitter.

Dominique Amezcua

Right to Information Programme Deputy Officer


Dominique coordinates the Proactive Transparency Project which objective is to strengthen women’s participation in indigenous communities of the northern jungle of Chiapas and improve development rights through access to information. In cooperation with the Digital Programme, she participates in the implementation of a diagnosis on connectivity, internet access and information and communication technologies (ICT) in indigenous and rural communities in the state of Chiapas, Mexico. She also collaborates with the rest of the programmes of the Office for Mexico and Central America of A19 providing advice and support on gender issues.

Dominique holds a Master degree in Gender Studies from El Colegio de México (COLMEX) and a BA in Social Communication from the Metropolitan Autonomous University (UAM-X). In the journalistic field, Dominique collaborated as documentary and researcher for the newspaper Reforma and the now extinct Radio Monitor. In 2008 a turning point led her to discover her feminist vocation when she joined the Research Interdisciplinary Program for Women in COLMEX as a research fellow. She was advisor on social issues and indigenous consultation at the Hydrocarbons Undersecretariat and served as head of issues in economics at the National Institute of Women. Before joining the A19 team, she worked as an independent consultant on gender, public policy and human rights.

Carlos Dorantes

Right to Information Programme Deputy Officer

Carlos is the Deputy Officer of the Right to Information Programme and coordinates the Right to Truth Project, which advocates information access on gross human rights violations and crimes against humanity. As part of the project, he coordinates the implementation of the platform Memory and Truth: a digital memorial and archive containing information on 15 cases of gross human rights violations in Mexico.

He holds an MSc in International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a BA in International Relations from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. He has worked as a consultant with the British & Irish Agencies Afghanistan Group evaluating a family hotline against gender violence in Afghanistan. He worked as an evaluation coordinator in Cauce Ciudadano, where he developed the crowdsourcing platform Rutas de la Memoria. His work has focused on topics related to memory in violent contexts, storytelling, reparations, and transitional justice.

Miriam Jacqueline Villarruel Ortega

Assistant of the Right to Information Programme


Jacqueline has worked in ARTICLE 19 in the Proactive Transparency Project, accompanying different groups of women and communities in the appropriation of the right to information. She studied Development and Intercultural Management at the Autonomous University of Mexico, has worked in different peace education projects coordinated by Childs Foundation and other independent collectives in Mexico City and Palenque, Chiapas. She collaborated with the Centre for Human Rights Fray Bartolome de las Casas in processes related to indigenous rights and coordinated the area of Human Rights and Women's Autonomy in Casa de la Mujer Ixim Antsetic in Palenque Chiapas.

Ricardo Reyes Márquez

Assistant of the Right to Information Programme


His work in ARTICLE 19 is focused on public appointmentsin Mexico, the Inter-American Human Rights System and the Treaty Body Organs of the United Nations. He also leads the legal issues of the Right to Information Programme in ARTICLE 19 Mexico and Central America. He has worked in different human rights projects within the civil society. For 6 years, he worked at the Legal Research Institute of the National Autonomous University of Mexico in topics related to Philosophy of Law, Political Philosophy and Human Rights. He studied multiple diplomas and courses in human rights and he holds a BA and an MA in Law.


Digital Programme

Paulina Gutierrez

Digital Rights Programme Officer


Paulina leads the digital rights strategy, she was the Law Programme Deputy Officer before creating a specific Programme on Internet policy, technology & human rights matters at the Regional Office. She is an international human rights lawyer and Freedom of Expression online advocate. Her experience is based on international policy research, human rights violations legal advisory and gender issues. She is passionate about the right to internet access for social justice. She is member of Benetech's Human Rights Advisory Board and holds a degree in Law and a second one in nternational Relations from ITESO University in Guadalajara, México.

Vladimir Cortés Roshdestvensky

Digital Rights Programme Deputy Officer


He is currently supporting projects of the digital rights programme on surveillance, online harassment against journalists and human rights defenders, Internet governance, and Internet access in rural communities in Mexico. He has worked as an international consultant specialized in human rights,freedom of expression, media and journalism in Latin America and the Caribbean. He has also carried out work to support civil society organizations in LAC region in strategic communications and campaign development. Vladimir has trained journalists and human rights defenders on international standards of journalism, multimedia production and digital security. He holds a BA on International Relations from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. PGP Fingerprint: 57A5 3C9F 731F 5ADF B0B3 D6A9 AAD7 5D6B F2B0 BDD1


Communication Team

Miriam Matus

Communications Coordinator


Miriam is responsible for disseminating ARTICLE 19 Mexico and Central America's actions, analysis and demands by producing relevant content and strategies through new narratives for the common citizen, such as the “#NoNosVamosACallar” short documentaries, but also another brief lifestories of journalist in danger and testimonial videos for social networks; also, is in charge of the weekly broadcast at Rompeviento TV, audiovisual material on how is Article’s 19 work at Mexico’s  field, etc. She holds a Master’s Degree in Subjetivity and Violence at Colegio de Saberes, where she studied women role in film; a B.A in Communication and a Degree in Filmmaking at The New York Film Academy. Interested mainly in gender issues, Miriam has attended multiple semminars on intersectional feminism and postcolonialism,  and has published articles on gender, erotism, film and women rights in nacional and international magazines.

Juan Vázquez

Communications Deputy Coordinator


Graduated in Journalism at Carlos Septién García Journalism School. He has worked and collaborated in different digital media outlets writing about national affairs, technology, human rights, digital rights, and film. He began working in ARTICLE 19 as a volunteer in 2014 and now coordinates the communication strategies for print, digital and social media.