Will you help stop the UK sleepwalking into a surveillance state?

Charlotte Gill

10 Mar 2016


As you may have heard, the UK Government has published a new ‘snooping law’ – the Investigatory Powers Bill (IPB).
If passed, the Bill would mean that the UK has the most extreme surveillance legislation of any democracy in the world.
The Don't Spy on Us coalition, of which ARTICLE 19 is a founding member, is fighting this Bill every step of the way. But despite calls from MPs, lawyers, academics and tech experts to slow down, the UK Government pushing this Bill through Parliament. [1]
At the moment, the EU referendum is the focus of most parliamentarians and members of the British public, so Don’t Spy on Us have come up with a plan to catch people’s attention in the UK.
One of the world’s best advertising agencies has worked with Don’t Spy on Us pro-bono to come up with an eye-catching campaign to help us fight the IPB: www.dontspyonus.org.uk/donate
The campaign is going to be hard-hitting and we want to change public opinion across the UK on this deeply illiberal legislation which could have a dramatic impact on freedom of expression and the right to privacy for years to come.
UK legislation is often used as a blueprint for governments worldwide and if this Bill is passed in its current state it would be a terrible step backwards for global human rights and freedom of expression.

This is where we need your help. We want to make the biggest splash possible so that the UK public and parliamentarians understand just how extreme this Bill is.
Can you help us raise money for this campaign? www.dontspyonus.org.uk/donate

Your donation could help to pay for:
•    A billboard in a high profile location in UK
•    Social media ads to help us reach as many people as possible
•    Adverts in national newspapers
The more we raise, the more ads we can do, and the more people we can reach.
Help us stop the UK sleepwalking into a surveillance state.

[1] http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/letters/12178545/Rushing-the-Investigatory-Powers-Bill-through-Parliament-is-not-in-Britains-interest.html


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